Of Mice Of Men, Memphis May Fire, Secrects @Electric Ballroom, London - 10/10/12 1

Of Mice Of Men, Memphis May Fire, Secrects @Electric Ballroom, London – 10/10/12

Electric Ballroom opened the doors to a sold out arena for the Southern California Based ‘Of Mice & Men.’  They brought along two of the most Upcoming and most energetic bands currently in USA.
Secrets 1

Secrets start the show, and even though people were still making their way through the door, the crowd was ready for what was going to be an epic night. This was Secrets first time in England and they did not disappoint with the riffs, high energy and stage presence.  For an up and coming band to be playing in a venue full of memories and legend there was no nerves just true electricity. 

Memphis May fire hit the stage next and place erupts. The band treat the crowd to a new song from their latest Album ‘Challenger’. Bodies can be seen flying in the pits, sweaty fans singing their hearts out to all the songs they know. The band Perform their set to a truly energetic following that has grown over the years. Not being strangers to the UK, fans were not let down by an amazingly energetic and hectic set. With their fast paced drums and ground rumbling beats.

The Electric Ballroom falls quiet, only the sounds of the crowd can be heard until Of Mice & Men play their intro piece. That’s short space of quiet that was there before vanishes only to be replaced by screams of excitement as the band jump straight into the first song.  Lead vocalist Austin Carlile demands the crowd to open up and prepare themselves for a crazy breakdown, members of the crowd are flying over the railing at the front sending the photographers running as The Electric Ballroom exploded with some brutal sounds.

Of Mice Men 1

The song from last, Austin commands each and everyone of this sold out crowd to get on one knee, the breakdown was about to happen, everyone knew it was coming, the tension between every soul in that venue was waiting. The words “GO” are roared down the microphone and the crowd spring to life. This is truly a moment that not a single soul

After such an amazing gig, If Electric Ballroom did ever close down.  They would have their head held up high as this was one to remember for years to come. Of Mice Of Men you did UK proud.  We can’t wait to see you again.

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