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Track Of The Day #153: Lorelei – Three Interlocking Screens


Lorelei are a little known Washington trio who picked up a bit of a cult following in the mid nineties.  Lorelei are a little known Pittsburgh trio who caused a bit of a stir ten years ago with their debut album.  Lorelei are a little known shoegaze band from Indonesia.  Lorelei is a little known Japanese singer.  Lorelei are a bunch of Korean little knownists.  Today’s track is from one of these and, to be frank, I’m not sure which, so any of you who are better informed, please shout.  My limited research suggests they are the first of these, who have reformed in search of the fame they never received before.  Whoever they are, their new album, ‘Enterprising Sidewalks’ is really quite good.  It’s got hints of sixties psychedleia and ventures into a progressive realm at times, which is fine in my book and is well worth your further investigation.

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