Track Of The Day #368: Terry Malts - I Could Be Happy

Track Of The Day #368: Terry Malts – I Could Be Happy


New soon on Slumberland is the latest platter from Terry Malts entitled ‘Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere’ – and well we could lavish you with oodles upon oodles of nifty info about it – but we here are guessing you’d prefer to dispense with the flannel and get straight to the nitty gritty especially when you find out that included in the first few hundred copies there’s a killer flexi disc enclosed.

Don’t you just feel for the kids of today, first they were introduced to the concept of vinyl and after a while of convincing them that there wasn’t a super duper album sized tray they could get from maplins to usb into their PC and that these black round things were played on turntables, then we sneaked back out into fashion the much derided cassette.

Now the mirth has died down and the once neglected tape has now been commemorated with its own ‘store day’ – then what of the flexi? Now as much as I love the flexi disc in terms of the turntable evolutionary scale they rank just below the dreaded lathe cuts, on a practical scale they never suffered from deterioration, where less demanding in the care quotient than the trusty old vinyl. however sometimes you’d need to tape a coin for ballast purposes and then there was the always check your stylus for the merest speck of dust or else said record arm would venture spindle way in a neat and attractive arc.

Point of all well said flexi – yes flexi – features Terry Malts blistering cover of the Altered Images forevermore classic ‘I Could Be Happy’ – the Alt’s much loved around these parts of course have their dinky pop gem stripped bare to the bone and sent packing with a rocket up its rear end by the Malts man who applies to it an almost Buzzcockian vibe amid which replaces Ms Grogan’s almost casually dippy I’m only joking mannerisms with a meaningful two fingered salute that stings with the fuzzy monochrome iciness of the JMC. So cool I could kiss the blighter.

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