I Divide talk Tour. Album. Festivals.

I Divide talk Tour. Album. Festivals.


We managed to catch up with the lovely guys in I Divide after their recent sold out tour with Yashin. 

Hi Guys, how’s life in tour? Hope it’s all going well? 

Its going great thank you. Just played some fantastic shows with the boys in Yashin. The whole tour sold out in the end, so its a honour to join them and play to so many people each night. This is our first run of dates since last year, so were really making the most of being back on the road and getting to play shows again.

Are you showcasing songs from new album on this tour?

Weve been playing Follow Me, Cold At The Bottomand Run Awayfor a while now as part of our live shows, and all of those tracks are going to be on the new album. Weve also introduced our latest single Im Not Leavingfor these dates with Yashin. Its the first time weve added a brand new song into our set for a while so its definitely been a little more daunting playing that than some of the others, but its been going down really well each night! People are already singing it back, which is completely crazy!

The album is called ‘ ‘LAST ONE STANDING’ – what’s the meaning behind that title?  

We picked the name as it summarises the themes of the album really well. Weve had an amazing year but its also been really tough. Being in a band is a huge commitment and leads you to giving up a lot of the comforts of a normal life. This alone often leads to great bands ending up breaking up and not being able to continue to their true potential. We sing about the struggles of being in a band on the album quite a lot, and the phrase Last One Standingrepresents us all pulling together and trying to stand our ground as a band, and as cheesy as it sounds, just never giving up.

Are you nervous about the release?  

Nervous and excited. None of us have released a full-length album before so were really excited to see what people say. Weve already received some really positive feedback so that definitely takes some of the pressure off! Well have to see what the reaction is like when it finally hits the shops.

Where have you been recording it and how long did it take you?  – Did anything funny/ weird happen in the studio?

We actually recorded at two separate studios but both with the guys from Outhouse studios (Ben Humphries and John Mitchell.) We start by recording for two weeks with them in Red Bull Studios in London. We then did another 2 weeks at their own studios in Reading. The studio was a great experience. We ended up taking over the Red Bull studios in London whilst we were there. They have quite a lot to do there like table tennis, table football and arcade games so we all got pretty good at that. They also have different events going on each night so wed walk out of the main studio each night straight into an art gallery or exhibition. The best thing is that all drinks at the red bull bar are free ;) Outhouse studios was great too. It was ridiculously sunny the whole time we were there so we spent a lot of time sunbathing outside and playing giant chess in their garden.

What’s next for I Divide after this tour? 

Were touring with the boys in Blitz Kids and Fort Hope for a couple of weeks in April which were definitely looking forward to. We just cant wait to get the album out and see peoples reactions. Were hoping to just tour as much as possible for the rest of the year. We want to play to anyone who wants to hear us. Hopefully we can make it further afield and play to some of our fans abroad.

Do you have a bucket list as a band, and if so what’s number one on the list? (ie. festivals you’d love to play? bands you’d like to support…) 

Weve definitely ticked off a few items off our band bucket list already. Playing Download festival second stage was one of them, although I expect moving up to the main stage could be a pretty incredible achievement one. Playing Reading and Leeds Festival was another one, and so was touring with a band like Funeral For A Friend. Theres plenty more festivals wed love to play like Warped Tour and Soundwave. Wed also love to release a single or album that could get into the charts. Playing a stadium show would also be a dream come true.

What’s on your tour rider?

Usually mainly beer ha! Although our singer Tom doesn’t drink so theres normally a load of waters on there as well. To be honest, we normally smash through a couple of crates of water at each show because it gets so hot and sweaty on stage. Any sort of food is good with us. We love eating pizza and all that kind of rubbish, although weve been trying recently to try and eat less crap on tour. Doesnt stop us from ending up at McDonalds most days though

What do you  miss most while being on tour?

I guess we always miss home a little bit whilst were on tour. Mainly sleeping in our own beds. But were usually not away long enough to worry about it too much. We always just make the most of being on tour and have as much fun as possible. We normally dont even think about being back at home until we get back after tour.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, good luck with the tour and the album release! 

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/lastonestanding
Dstry: http://dstryevrythng.com/store

Check out their latest video to ‘I’m Not Leaving’  here:




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