NEWS:  Becky Becky release The Knife tribute album

NEWS: Becky Becky release The Knife tribute album

Becky Becky are a literature inspired, electro-synth-pop duo of Gemma L Williams and Peter J D Mason.  In May 2014 these ex-lovers and volatile bandmates released a critically acclaimed debut album Good Morning, Midnight and played a host of intimate audio-visual shows across the UK.

To mark the tenth anniversary of The Knife‘s album Silent Shout, Becky Becky are unveiling their own version of this hugely influential work with this statement:

“Ten years ago The Knife released the album Silent Shout. This was a great influence on Becky Becky and how we decided to approach making music. Silent Shout combines intelligent lyrics, character-driven narratives with dark, danceable beats and arpeggio synths. This approach to making dance music is something we echoed in our album Good Morning, Midnight, where we endeavoured to sketch one lonely ageing woman’s emotional collapse over one night in Prague.
Now, as it is the ten year anniversary of The Knife’s seminal LP, we have decided to release In Honour Of ‘Silent Shout’, a tribute to this work. We covered all 11 songs from the original release. We tried to remain faithful to the original album and also faithful to our own sound. We worked with the original songs to create something new, yet still recognisable. We recorded all the vocals in a single day, and the rest of the music and mixing was done over the month of January. George Thomas (of Insect Heroes and formerly George Thomas & The Owls) took on Jay-Jay Johansen’s guest vocal part for ‘Marble House’.”

You can download In Honour Of ‘Silent Shout’ from from 17th February 2016, ten years to the day that the original was released.

Becky Becky will be performing one special concert of this material at The Verdict in Brighton on 19th March 2016.

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