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NEWS: Gold Panda surprise releases new EP ‘Kingdom’

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It hasn’t been long since producer Gold Panda released his latest full-length album Good Luck and Do Your Best but he’s already back with a new, surprise EP.  Kingdom has apparently been inspired by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.  The five songs is a collection of relatively downbeat electronica, closing with an almost ten-minute track that heavily samples the sound of rain.

He explained why he decided to create the new work:  “It was made after talking to a neighbour who moved his family from Afghanistan to the UK […]  He ordered a phone off Amazon so he could call home, but the delivery driver signed for it and kept it.  I thought this was a pretty shitty welcome.  I made a couple of less happy songs that are very, very loosely based around that and my Brexit fears, which were sadly confirmed.”  On Twitter, he later clarified that while he wasn’t “anti-Brexit” he did vote to remain in the European Union.

Listen to Kingdom below.  It is available to buy via Bandcamp or as a limited edition CD.

Photo credit: Laura Lewis Photography

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