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NEWS: Röyksopp share new track ‘Never Ever’ featuring Susanne Sundfør

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After releasing their album The Inevitable End, Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp pledged that it would be their last full-length record, only returning with new music in other forms or when the time was right.  Two years down the line, the pair have released a brand new single, ‘Never Ever,’ which features vocals from fellow Norwegian Susanne Sundfør.  They collaborated before on The Inevitable End, as well as on their cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Ice Machine’ for the Late Night Tales series.

Never Ever’ is a club-ready number that echoes late-period disco and 80’s electro-pop, harking back to the duo’s work on their album Junior.  Torbjørn Brundtland said: “The whole idea of us going away from the whole album concept was that we do have many musical expressions that we want to do […]  One of them might be a club track, but we don’t necessarily want to do an album of it.  It’s that way with ‘Never Ever’ – we love it, but we don’t need 12 tracks like it.”  Listen below.

Röyksopp are playing a DJ set at London’s Bankside Vaults on 25th November.

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