NEWS: Niterooms release debut EP

NEWS: Niterooms release debut EP

Blurring the lines between alternative music, rap, electronica and bedroom pop, South Wales’ Niterooms share their self-titled debut EP Niterooms. The group are already receiving praise for their work, with BBC Radio Wales’ Adam Walton commenting that “they’re genuinely trying to do something different without it being a challenge … it exists somehow, somewhere between grime, dream pop and ambient electronic music.” Listen to lead single Headway below.

Following cues from the recently deceased American rapper Lil Peep, the group blend alternative music with the musical aesthetic of rap and hip hop. On Headway, autotune and pitch shifted vocals combine with sampled guitars and more traditional instrumentation to create a unique take on a genre that has become saturated with one particular production style.

Niterooms EP  is out now and available to stream via Spotify and Apple Music.

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