NEWS: Dijf Sanders shares 'Kaster' from new LP

NEWS: Dijf Sanders shares ‘Kaster’ from new LP

Dijf Sanders has shared ‘Kaster’, a track taken from his new album ‘JAVA’, released 8th December via W.E.R.F. The track is a delightful tapestry of of oriental mysticism and psych laden exotica that rattles around your brain, listen below.

The musician pens and produces soundtracks for distant, far-flung places that brood with exotica, psychedelia, jazz and electronica. His new album ‘JAVA’, is a psychedelic and modern search for the sounds of the homonymous Indonesian island. Armed with a set of field recorders, Dijf traveled to every urban and rural corner of Indonesia in the spring of this year. As a contemporary incarnation of ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax, he collected an impressive repertory of recordings, commissioned by the Europalia Arts Festival and KAAP Creative Compass.

‘Kacapi’, ‘Kendang’, ‘Angklung’, ‘Calung’ or ‘Gamelan’ are not the names of indigenous tropical diseases by the way, but those of local instruments that Dijf encountered on his adventurous musical quest.

For two weeks the American expert ethnographer Palmer Keen stood by Dijf through his total immersion into the island’s colourful culture and rich, ceremonial traditions.

Welcome to Dijf Sanders’ wonderful journey into future exotica.

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