2 thoughts on “Josh T. Pearson – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, 15/05/2018

  1. Great review! Saw Josh a day later in Birmingham. Very charismatic. The best face in modern-day music as someone said.
    Working out the kinks but still a pretty rivetting show. I’m well into the new album and was wondering how the more elaborate and produced songs would come out. The shoegazey Loved Straight to Hell lacked a bit of howling tempest towards the end but benefited from mariachi style trumpet (!) thickening the texture. Said trumpet also features on the impossibly gorgeous Love Song which Josh said they were still learning. Ok the trumpet was a bit off but otherwise it came out well.
    Anyway we were in on the ground floor as Josh said and he’s going straight to the top!
    Opener Erika Wennerstrom deserves a shout. Apparently they take it in turns headlining on this tour. Playing acoustic with an accompanying electric guitarist it took a while to get warmed up but became very involving as the guitarist switched to pedal steel and did some country heartstringing. Later she was joined by Joshes band for the last few songs.
    I was impressed enough to buy Erika’s new album Sweet Unknown. Sounds good. Reminded me of American Beauty in a twisted way and I’m looking forward to getting to know it. Different music from JTP but matches in warmth.

    Do not miss this tour!

    1. Cheers Mike. Yeah, you are absolutely right about Erika Wennerstrom. I did catch her set and just like you really enjoyed it. Good songs, lovely voice and the woman with her on guitar was fabulous too.

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