Egyptian Blue - Collateral Damage EP (Yala Records)

Egyptian Blue – Collateral Damage EP (Yala Records)

The post punk movement is currently having a popular resurgence, with bands such as IDLES, Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital firmly leading the way within and outside of their genre circles. So there’s no doubt that a band like Egyptian Blue could soon find themselves thrust into the limelight – should they want it. Fully donning the musical rebels outfit, this band are also providing the perfect soundtrack for the turmoil currently facing the society that we live in.

With the release of their first EP ‘Collateral Damage’, Egyptian Blue have brought together three of their already released tracks; ‘Collateral’, ‘To Be Felt’, ‘Contain It’ and added new track ‘Adderall’.

If you’re yet to be convinced of pressing play on an Egyptian Blue record, stop your hesitation immediately and do it. This isn’t a band who mince their words, they tell it as it is and the musical elements follow smoothly without ever feeling contrived. With lyrics such as “If you love me you should stay at home” in their track ‘Collateral’, they have a vision and they’re not about to ruin it so that you can feel okay about it all.

If you’re looking for a band who have realised that music is the perfect way to express frustration, expose the cracks of an imperfect world that we’re often told is perfect, then this is the 4-piece band for you, in fact ‘Contain It’ would be the perfect track for you, as their lead singer starts the song by spouting “go tear it all apart“. Egyptian Blue have the distinct ability to bring a sense of consistent urgency to every single one of their songs.

Their music represents a modern rebellion that feels authentic. With lyrics of such as “We want to live in your minds, we want to live in your broken minds” in ‘Adderall’, they highlight the deeper psychological turbulence that we all go through and which makes them feel relatable.

To Be Felt’ has bouncy elements and echoey vocals often heard in songs by The Clash, but the band pair this with an intense guitar sound and hard hitting lyrics such as “To be felt nothing helps. To be half asleep and half awake all the time“, again using simple lyrics to deliver an effective impact.

The release of a first EP can be a great way of getting your house in order, before a bigger body of work or a new wave of fresh material is released. So I hope that we’ll soon be hearing some completely fresh Egyptian Blue songs. This is a polished EP, even if 75% of the tracks are already out, but its goal of putting Egyptian Blue back in the conversation has definitely been achieved and this is clearly the seedlings in the making of a great band.

The Collateral Damage EP is out now on Yala Records.

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