EXCLUSIVE: Will Samson 'Beyond the Dust' Single Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Will Samson ‘Beyond the Dust’ Single Premiere

Will Samson’s new LP Paralanguage
is out on Wichita this week, and today we debut his haunting and minimal new single ‘Beyond the Dust’, listen below.


He says: “Beyond The Dust originates from an old song that I co-wrote with my good friend, Heimer, way back in 2014. There was something about the chords, particularly when played on piano, that really stuck with me. It’s essentially a song to remind myself to be grateful. ‘Pray for the darkest night that brings the morning’ simply acknowledges that the difficult experiences are the ones that often bring about the most growth.”

Paralanguage was inspired by Samson’s first – and only – experiments with psilocybin. For some time, following the death of his father in 2012, the British musician had suffered from mild PTSD, unable to process the grief provoked by the sudden nature of his passing, but it took him several years before he felt confident enough to explore the possibilities this popular compound was said to offer. Finally, he and his girlfriend retreated to the countryside for a day, and Paralanguage seeks to emulate that experience.

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