Night House premiere debut album 'Everyone is Watching From Afar' & Discuss releasing music during a Coronavirus Pandemic

Night House premiere debut album ‘Everyone is Watching From Afar’ & Discuss releasing music during a Coronavirus Pandemic

Brighton’s Night House release their debut album Everyone is Watching From Afar this Friday 27th of March. An imitate record of orchestral folk, electronic beats and icy synths which has drawn comparisons to James Blake, Bon Iver and Joni Mitchell.  Listen to it today exclusively below. Lead singer Nick Williams discusses his personal thoughts on releasing music and life during coronavirus. 

“Back at the beginning of February we were full steam ahead with the launch plan for our now aptly titled debut album ‘Everyone Is Watching From Afar’. We had organised our European tour, in-store performances, live radio spots and our biggest ever hometown show at St Nicholas’ Church in Brighton. It’s mad how much the world can change in just a few weeks.


Night House is an independent band made up from self-employed musicians. As such our live performances have become a key part of our livelihood along with teaching, recording, mixing and production. OK, I hear what you’re thinking at this point, “Is this another sob story about how musicians have lost all their work?” Well kinda, we have taken a hit to our income, just like so many others but that’s not what I want to focus on.  


Whilst walking around a deserted Hamburg (we managed to play most of the Germany leg of our tour with only the last show cancelled) it occurred to me that this is the first time in recent history that there has been a pause to capitalism. I wonder if this could be an opportunity to change how society works (whilst I’m writing this I feel guilty, Covid19 has caused so much anguish, suffering and unnecessary loss of life, it’s hard to draw any positives from it).


As result of coronavirus society has had to make some huge changes – air travel has all but stopped, people are using conference calls instead of traveling to meetings and we’re seeing pollution levels decreasing worldwide. We’re all having to learn to live without some of the luxuries we’re accustomed to, and to look after those in our communities who cannot get to the shops or are high risk.

I’ve always thought that it was crazy that it was cheaper to fly to Madrid that get a train to Aberystwyth. When this is all over, I hope instead of just picking up from where we left off, we’re able to take bigger steps to address the climate crisis. (I know it’s more complicated than this, feel free to email me to discuss global economic ideology lol) 

One small change we can all continue is the care for our local communities. From a personal perspective, after overnight I lost most of my income, I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness of friends, fans and the music scene who have messaged to buy merch, come forward with work or just offered support. 

We’re releasing ‘Everyone Is Watching From Afar’ on the 27th of March in an unprecedented time. Replacing the tours will be live streams and there is more time for writing and recording. We’re delighted to share the album with you. Before it’s official release on Friday you can listen to it in full here exclusively on GIITTV! If you’d like to support us then consider getting a download, CD or vinyl from our Bandcamp.

Our cellist Robin is running a go fund me page to make up some of their lost wage, check out their Instagram for so much incredible cello goodness and donate if you can.

This is the first article about the album and our music where I’ve barely spoken about the music… whoops… ah well…  do listen to our album, it’s great, we put all our hearts into it, and we couldn’t be prouder of it. 

Nick x

Ps I’ll be streaming a special album launch performance from 7.30pm (GMT) on the 27th, join in on facebook and instagram live.”

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