EXCLUSIVE: Fruity Water 'Telephone Song' EP Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Fruity Water ‘Telephone Song’ EP Premiere

Telephone Song is the new EP from Brighton based electronic odd pop duo Fruity Water, aka Adam Bell and Alan Odgers. Their new EP is out on Big Salad Records this week and today we debut the entire EP and the duo talk us through each track below.

The EP features a remix of the title track by hot Brighton electronic producer eOne. As a synergy of two of the main strands of DIY music in Brighton, between the dark and minimal music coming out of the electronic scene in contrast with the output from the guitar scene, for which Brighton has long been famous for, Telephone Song encapsulates the bands urge to bridge this musical divide. The output of maverick producers such as Caribou and Four Tet are big inspirations, as are bands such as His n Hers era Pulp and early Dandy Warhols. This theme of communication is right at the heart of the lyrical and conceptual theme of the track, as Adam explains, “Telephone Song is about communicating on the telephone, which seems a bit old fashioned after the jump to everyone communicating using video chat over the last couple of weeks since the lockdown, as well as the slower trend of people moving towards email and instant messaging apps over the last few years”.

1 Telephone Song

This is the last song we finished for the upcoming album. It started from Adam buying a lush new reverb pedal and coming up with some dreamy riffs around the sounds it created. Originally we were going to feature a female vocal lead on the track, but that didn’t work out so thought let’s just do it ourselves. Alan got a bit carried away with the middle part of the song which gave the song a different level of energy. Then whallop the song was done.

2. Water the Plants

This song started as a live jam which we had performed in a few of our more dancey sets. It had gone down pretty well and usually lasted about 15-20 mins. Alan then bought a Roland TB303 copy and wanted to add it on a tune and this seemed to be the perfect one. The acid house squelches gives the 12 minute song a bit of a cohesive narrative. The ending gives a reminiscence of early 90’s baggy dance, Andrew Weatherell RIP :’(

3. Sorry Carbunkle

This is a reject from the upcoming album, but the more we listen to it now we regret not putting on the album. But you can imagine how great the album is if this is a reject, lol. The song started as a ditty in wrote on an acoustic guitar, it fell together easily and we enjoyed keeping a relaxed lo fi vibe on this one. Has the feel of our first more demo-y album ‘Thirst Takes’ (called that as pretty much all the tracks were written and performed as first takes). We have spent a lot more time working on and producing our upcoming album though.

4. Telephone Song (eOne rephix)

This is a remix of Telephone Song by our friend eOne. He was due to perform at the regular live electronic club night we organise called ‘Midnight Salad’, but this got cancelled for obvious reasons. So we asked him to remix us and we will re-organise the night when the world gets back to normal.


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