KENICHI & THE SUN’s upcoming single ‘Swan’ is a blinking esoteric electronic track burnished with a polemic about being trapped by the inequalities of capitalist society. Listen to the first airing below.

They say: “The real gateway drugs are not alcohol and marihuana, but neglect, violence, abuse, poverty, trauma, inequality and a capitalist society which is designed to foster only competition. Our current culture wants us to constantly rise up into betterment, improvement, even enlightenment, but every initiation asks us to first step down into truth, to look at ‘what is’ and to wake up from the numbing hypnosis of the day to day. This song is an edgy zeitgeist- statement that calls for more empathy, truthfulness, healing and transformation. Be kind. everyone fights a battle you know nothing about.”

KENICHI & THE SUN formed in 2019 as an evolution and radical transformation from the dark-pop act Miss Kenichi. Katrin has already received praise from the likes of The Guardian, as well as BBC 6Music’s Lauren Laverne. Now based in Berlin and Reykjavik, Katrin continues to hone her craft, experimenting continuously with her alluring gloom-pop sound to create something that undeniably breathtaking in the process.

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