NEW: LE JUNK share new video for irresistible pop rumble 'Level 3'

NEW: LE JUNK share new video for irresistible pop rumble ‘Level 3’

We all know that the first rule of fight club is not to talk about fight club. But, as for videos with a distinct similarity to the film ‘Fight Club’… Well, as far as we know we’re free to shout loud and proud about them.

This promo for ‘Level 3’, the second single from East London one man alt electro outfit LE JUNK, is definitely not for the faint hearted – and especially those left a tad squeamish by the sight of blood. We feel every blow land as we watch him, in some dingy basement or underground car park somewhere, slugging it out with a succession of contenders to get his paws on a pile of bank notes. It ain’t pretty, but as a vivid metaphor for the strugglers of everyday life itself, the Elliott Gonzo-directed film works pretty damn well.

Musically, LE JUNK has plenty of funk in his trunk too, showing a neat line in economic, stripped to the bare essentials production, jagged guitar riffs and bass rumble combine with disco synths, irresistible pop hooks and double tracked vocals. LE JUNK has professed a love of Peaches, Sunn O))), ESG and ABBA among others – and you can hear echoes of all of them on this tightly coiled, punch-packing single. If that isn’t worth spilling a bit of claret over, then we’ve no idea what is.

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