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Lets get this right from the beginning, Cherym is pronounced “Chair-um” and you can buy a t-shirt to remind those around you to say it right!  The trio from Derry, Northern Ireland release their new EP Hey Tori on 1st October 2021 via Alcopop! Records.  The 5-track EP includes singles ‘Listening To My Head’, ‘Kisses On My Cards’ and ‘We’re Just Friends’ alongwith two previously unreleased tracks ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘She’s A Lot Going On’.   The energy in this music is seriously epic.  This is pop punk rock at its very raucous and very best, the enthusiasm just bursts through all the songs.  Its no surprise to learn that the trio met through a shared love of garage rock and pop punk.  The vocals on ‘We’re Just Friends’ perfectly demonstrate their impressive vocals, and even ‘Gone Girl‘ which is a little gentler still packs a powerful emotional punch.
Ahead of the EP release I had a chat with Hannah, Nyree and Alannagh aka Cherym.
Congratulations on the release of EP Hey Tori out on 1 October on Alcopop! How are you feeling? Can you tell us a little about the title? And what are the driving forces behind the songs on this EP? 
AHHHHH we are honestly so excited about this, we are so happy with each of the tracks on this record.  Each one being very different to the next.  Hey Tori has been a running theme since we released Abigail in 2019, we have been including in subliminally in our music videos and even low in the mix of some of the tracks also completely accidentally lol.  We all wrote something on this record so I think that makes it extra special for me in a way, it’s our baby and I’m so excited for people to hear it.  I think someone will be able to take something from each song.

You have said Cherym started out as a reaction to the local music scene boys club.
Could you expand on this a little? 
Honestly it was probably in a way a subconscious decision because really CHERYM just started because we were three friends with a joint love of music.  I suppose the fact that we were girls made it very different to what was happening at the time which was boy bands and techno DJs.  I would like to think we brought something fresh and cool to the scene!  It’s really nice to see more women coming up in our local scene at the minute though.  I’d like to think that bands like them and us can pave the way for more queer, women or non-binary people, or people of colour and that they can feel like they can use the space too not just the cis white boys who love playing Oasis in the Dungloe on a Saturday evening.


Your music is packed with DIY punk and Riot Grrrl energy.
Who are your main music influences and who do you enjoy listening to?
We all listen to such different artists, for example Hannah is big into the poppy side of punk, so like Charley Bliss, Nyree has more of an interest in country like Shania Twain and I (Alannagh) am a big fan of metal and would listen to more Avenged Sevenfold but we have a shared love of punk and I’d say our main influences are with the likes of PUP, the Smashing Pumpkins, Bikini Kill and Pixies.

What is your song-writing process? What do you want to write about, and how do the lyrics and music come together?
So our song process most of the time is jamming with one another in the practice room and we’ll usually write something accidentally, but we do work a lot separately too (especially having to adapt to COVID) which has given us a better scope of how we write.  We just write about anything and everything going on in our lives from friends to relationships to how we’re feeling and even the latest Netflix show we’re binging.  A lot of the time we just make up the lyrics as we go along, Hannah is a genius for coming up with words on the spot as a singer and sometimes then everything just falls into place and we’re like “ok we’ve written a song just now”.

And touring at last. You have dates throughout the UK starting 6 October at Paper Dress Vintage, London and finishing up 17 October at Hug and Pint, Glasgow. Can you tell us how you are feeling about getting back out on tour?
Amazing, nervous, excited!  This is our first UK tour, so we don’t know what to expect!  I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of the new songs and we hope everyone has a good time and feels safe at the gigs!

If I looked in your fridge right now what would I find?
Few tins of beer, a bottled cocktail, sparkling water and cheese.

Hey Tori
is out on 1 October on Alcopop!
The UK tour starts on 6 October in London at Paper Dress Vintage.
Cherym will also be taking part in Ireland Music Week taking place online from 5th to 8th October 2021.
For more information on Cherym please check out their bandcamp and facebook.

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