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PODCAST: Show Me Magic! Return to the format

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After a few months of R.E.M. and Neutron Prize specials, Bill Cummings and Jim Auton reconvene for a return to their regular Show Me Magic format. They talk new music, live gigs, how music subcultures have changed with the advent of the internet. Plus festivals, Focus Wales, Reading festival, hip hop, and the use of autotune in music, cancel culture and Kanye West. They finish the show with chat about Portishead (in tribute to our late colleague Nikolai Rainbow) and Status Quo. They play out with Celestial North’s version of ‘Nightswimming’ from the R.E.M covers compilation.

1. JEEN – Maybe I’ll be gone
2. Flossing – Trap
3. Tacsidermi – Ble Pierre
4. Lowertown – The Gaping Mouth
5. Amahla – Do something that you can’t take back
6. Langkamer – The ugliest man in Bristol
7. Portishead – The Rip
8. Status Quo – Accident Prone
9. Celestial North – Nightswimming

Produced by Andy Von Pip

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