NEWS: Kyla La Grange reveals wistful pop anthem 'Neverland' from forthcoming LP

NEWS: Kyla La Grange reveals wistful pop anthem ‘Neverland’ from forthcoming LP

Kyla La Grange has shared ‘Neverland’ her first new material in five years. A wistful pop anthem: an ode to not ‘growing up’ and embracing spontaneity and holding onto the little things that make us human. Its shuddering beat and evocative synths lined are decorated in La Grange’s ethereal vocal. Building to a wonderful transcendant chorus that contrasts the heartbreak of 3am self-doubt and sadness with the joy of escapism and friendship.  Its her first piece of original material in over 5 years, listen here.

Its the first single lifted from Kyla La Grange first album in 7 years. While Your Heart’s Still Beating will be released 21 January 2022.

October saw La Grange make a gorgeous return with the stunning ‘Set You Free’ (a reworking of the N-Trance classic), ushering in a new era for La Grange. Making waves throughout the 2010’s with the albums Ashes (2012) and Cut Your Teeth (2014).

Speaking about ‘Neverland’, Kyla La Grange said: “Neverland is inspired by all the people I know who don’t want to grow up, and the magic of playfulness, of making every night something to remember, of old friends and new friends and keeping your imagination burning, of holding onto silliness and spontaneity and all the things that make life feel electric and extraordinary.

I wrote it when I was feeling really shit about myself and questioning a lot of things, and was just so lucky that I had friends who could pull me out of it, who could make me laugh, even at the darkest and most terrifying parts of being alive. I guess in a way it’s a tribute to the ones who keep your blood pumping and hold your hair back, to the fact that for many people their friendships will outlive their romantic relationships. 

For the last 6 years I’ve been hosting costume parties with a bunch of friends and the outfits and creativity and experimentation and the uninhibited joy and weirdness and celebration has filled my heart up with so much happiness that if I dropped dead tomorrow I would think, ‘yeah, that was a good way to spend a life.’ That’s what it’s all about, for me. I just don’t want to look back and think I didn’t make the most of anything.”

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