Godford -  I YOU SHE (Pack Records)

Godford – I YOU SHE (Pack Records)

“Created to shed the commercialised identity they were previously under”, the anonymous, Parisian-based producer and all round creative, Godford returns with the release of their second studio album I You She released through Pack Records. Godford made a pivotal career change when, despite commercial success as a producer in the dance scene, the feeling of integrity became apparent forcing Godford to look inwards. With that the birth of Godford arrived, with a sole aim to create authentic art, removing all external factors such as gender and personal identity that are often highlighted in the media ahead of one’s art. Godford’s 2020 debut album Non-Binary was their take on blending indie-electronic dance sonics with trance and dubstep grooves. The release of such an album was much needed at a time where the world was locked in and physically separated. 

Godford admits to not wanting to choose between feelings, describing the album’s sonic location as being situated “in the middle of that bridge between innocent romantic and raver.” Godford certainly accomplished just that in I You She. Lead singles ‘Say My Name’ and ‘The Hill’ displayed that I You She was a continuation to Non-Binary with Godford’s use of altered vocal hooks, warm synth pads and house-inspired grooves. Godford has a way of crafting ear-worms both in their production and vocal melodies across the album, the house-meets breakbeat single ‘Say My Name’ being a highlight with Godford’s vulnerable vocal loop “Say my name/I hope you want to stay.” Both ‘The Hill’ and ‘No One’ sees Godford create emotive house-leaning dance records showcasing their knack for writing warm chord progressions that take listeners on a spiritual journey, leaving them feeling somewhat revived. Throughout I You She Godford crafts records that may on the surface seem quite simple but are, in fact, the hardest to produce, as each layer has perfectly fit with the next. Godford does so perfectly in ‘The Beast’ with its infectious vocal loop and gorgeous lead synths. Tracks such as ‘High and Lonely’ see Godford push their sonic boundaries, further attempting to blend guitar-driven melodies with trap and hip-hop sounds reminiscent of Kanye West, Blink-182 and even The Prodigy in a few instances. I You She is the product of an exceptional sound designer and producer having fun with their craft, pushing boundaries while not afraid of getting anything wrong. I wanted to create some songs that give you the feeling of being alive,” Godford explains, where the past year’s mourning and loss has now flipped a switch to a joyous resurgence. 

When asked about I You She LP, Godford says: “When we produced this album, the world was not going well, we wanted to create an album that gives you the feeling of being alive, free and allows you to meet your deepest emotions. We are not only trying to make people dance, but it’s really important for us that they feel the music. Music is an international language and when we receive messages from all over the world, we feel that part of the job is done. We are not only thinking about ourself when we are doing music, we are trying to share emotions and thoughts that other can feel, it’s our way to say ’you are not alone’. From the most complex emotion to the simplest; for example, we like watching people in clubs, some are raving, some others are at the bar, some don’t care about the music, some feels the music, during the live show, we want people to feel the music, close your eyes and just feel. That’s why we are in the shadow, it’s not about us. This album is a new chapter, a new story, a new emotion.”

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