Nixer - People Feel (Blowtorch Records)
Credit: Iollann Ó Murchú

Nixer – People Feel (Blowtorch Records)

Irish duo Nixer reveal their debut EP People Feel with a digital release on 27 May and a vinyl release set for early June via Blowtorch Records.  There will be a launch party in Peckham Audio in London on 31 May to celebrate – don’t forget your dancing shoes.  Nixer was borne out of experimentation during lockdown and so it is incredible to learn that all the songs were written, recorded and produced remotely by Seán Keenan and Gearóid Peggs in their DIY studio setups in London and Dublin respectively.  With both now London based Nixer is settled in the capital and ready to release their debut EP to the world.  

People Feel has six tracks and they combine to produce a  mini concept album.  It follows the events of a night out told chronologically, beginning in a corner shop at the start of the night and ending at a crossroads the morning after.  However this is a framework used to express the true meaning and focus of the EP, which is the feelings and emotions that are attached to these events rather than the events themselves.  Feelings about detachment, sexuality, indecisiveness, empathy, hopelessness and euphoria.  Indeed it is unusual currently to find such an approach employed and make this EP an intriguing proposition.

The EP opens with spoken word delivered over an experimental, soundscape which could allude to birdsong but becomes more intense and ominous as it progresses.  A dark brooding sound in the background moves slowly forward.   The first full song is then previous single ‘Decisions’.  With its bassline and pulsating beats it speaks of the anxiety that can exist and peer pressure on a night out:

“It’s all about the who, what  where, why, when, are you going with them?  Are you coming with us?
Cos you said you would”

Knowing what to do, where to go and the generation perhaps of being unsure of oneself:
“Make up my mind for me please
I can’t decide for the life of me”

The third track ‘Outsider’ opens with the chatter at a house party and about concern for ‘other’ people that haven’t been seen before.  The vocals are haunting here and yet there is still the synths and guitar riffs which give Nixer an edgy soundscape.  The subject matter is a little more serious than previous tracks but it demonstrates evolution for the band, and provides a shift in story-telling while still retaining the complex dancebeats and synths in the music.

‘People Feel’ was the first single from the EP.  It takes place on a nightclub dance floor and increases the pace.  The lyrics open with:
“I left my lover inside, I tell them that I smoke and escape for moments in the night
I don’t know why, I tell these lies.
I left my lover on the dancefloor, to ignore.  Intrusive thoughts, that I deplore.”
The description is of behaviour that appears to talk of wanting to be alone.  Social interactions can be difficult and if we can simply be left to loose ourselves in the music then all would be well, but of course it isn’t as simple as that.  The synths here replicate the dance floor perfectly.

‘Low’ is epitomises that feeling we can all have after a night out, that dip in mood.  It is perhaps the most intense track on People Feel but still retains a depth of atmosphere and a conviction within the vocal.

The final track on the EP is ‘Bad Rain’ and features Irish/Zimbabwean singer/songwriter/producer, Shiv.  This collaboration has produced my favourite track on the EP.  With its merger of genres, vocal styles and exploration of new sounds it further demonstrates that Nixer will not stand still.

Nixer began as a conversation online between two friends at the beginning of the pandemic. and resulted in the release of five singles before this EP.  Nixer are now developing further forming a very distinct and unique sound.  Inspired by their environment and layering this over their own soundscape they are creating the right sort of noise with many already taking notice.

The EP People Feel is available to pre-order on the Blowtorch Records website here


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