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EXCLUSIVE: ena mori ‘SOS’ Video Premiere

Today we are debuting the video ‘SOS‘ the latest single from ena mori. Released at the start of June on Offshore Music Philippines. It’s a body-popping, inventive synth-pop track crammed with hooks and punctuated by playful emotive big singalong crescendos. A call for help or a call to action? Who can say? It’s a super anthem.

The video marks the end of a trilogy, following the videos for her previous singles, ‘OH, BLEEDING HEARTS’ and ‘VIVID’. The original song was co-written and produced by Timothy Run, who drums for the Filipino pop-rock group One Click Straight.

Bright and cheerful, ena mori’s latest music video is high energy and yet elements of more serious and obscure topics shine through. Shot entirely in one room, the viewer is met with bold colours and a desperate need to keep moving so as to not allow the monotony to consume. The occasional flash of a gasmask here and an unseen viewer there keeps the video from entering any kind of foreseen territory.

ena mori tells us about the creation of the video: “The music video is a continuation of the 2 videos (OH, BLEEDING HEARTS? and VIVID), and the end of the trilogy. I had so much fun creating the atmosphere of SOS together with my director, Daniel Aguilar (Raliug) from LUNCHBOX. Despite the pandemic restrictions, we were able to bring our vision to life and I am very grateful for the opportunity.”

Half-Japanese and half-Filipino and currently based in Manila, Philippines, ena mori started her musical journey as a child, inspired by her mother to bang out Chopin and Mozart pieces as soon as she had the chance. Lockdown saw ena mori turn to acts such as Cocteau Twins, Bjork and Talking Heads which would inspire her to create her latest release.

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