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Fremantle-based Spacey Jane are set to release second album Here Comes Everybody.  Before debut Sunlight was even released in June 2020, lockdown saw vocalist, lyricist and guitarist Caleb Harper already working on the second album.  He explains:

“I want it to be a guide to the experiences that are coming for those entering the period of life I’m leaving.  Our first record discussed personal experiences of mine and it was a blessing to see how many people related to those stories.”  He cites COVID and climate change as two things  holding young people back, and wants album two to be “for youth persevering and thriving emotionally under the weight of our generational burden.”

I wanted to find out more about Spacey Jane, including touring in the UK after the limitations of lockdown.

Welcome Spacey Jane!  Could you introduce yourselves and your role in the band.  How was Spacey Jane born?
I’m Caleb and I sing and write the songs!  We’ve also got Ashton on Lead guitar, Kieran on drums and Peppa on the bass!

Congratulations on your second album Here Comes Everybody.  Am I right in thinking it was written and recorded during lockdown?  How is this album different from debut Sunlight released June 2020?
Western Australia had a moderately short-lived lockdown (3-5 months) so while the writing process definitely started during lockdown most of it was written and recorded after the initial stages of Covid in Australia.  In saying that, we were definitely challenged by a number of Covid complications, like border closures, throughout the making of the record as I’m sure many bands were.

It feels very different for us simply because of how different the recording and writing process was, it was our first time as musicians feeling like we had a license to go and record a whole album for that very purpose.  To me it feels cleaner, quieter, and more intentional.  I think it’s a lot more textural and we gave the more music space when it needed it instead of jamming it up like we were used to.

You’ve just completed a sold-out UK headline tour.  How did it feel to be touring on the other side of the world after a couple of years of the tightest restrictions?
It was really so, so special.  For a long time it didn’t seem like it would ever be a possibility to get over there, let alone play sold out shows.  To know that people have been listening to the music and a fan base has been growing while we’ve been locked away down under was really moving for us and we’re so grateful for it.

What’s your song-writing process?  Is it collaborative as a band, or is it more individual?
Song writing for Spacey Jane always starts with me, usually in my bedroom or with another song writer, going over voice memos and notes I’d captured over the last few weeks or months of life.  Usually over a few sittings I’ll build it into a demo and then bring it to the band and we go from there.  Everyone in the band cares deeply about their performances on every song so the latter half of the process is a long, exciting journey for us all.

What’s next for Spacey Jane?  Do you have tour dates in Australia?   And any other overseas gigs on the horizon?
Yes! We’re touring the new album all through July and August in Australia and New Zealand which we’re so excited for, then we’re off to North America in October!

If I looked in your fridge right now what would I find?
Well I just checked out of my Airbnb and I think we left some wine and a jar of mustard in it and I haven’t been home in 6 months at the moment so I have no idea what’s in my home fridge.  But usually you’d find up to 10 types of cheese, Greek yoghurt, oat milk, lotsssssss of condiments and some stuff I probably need to throw out.

For more information on Spacey Jane please check out their facebook website and bandcamp.

The second album Here Comes Everybody is out on 24 June.

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