Video of the Week #231: Rogue Jones - Englynion Angylion 2

Video of the Week #231: Rogue Jones – Englynion Angylion

Today, we are debuting the splendid new video for Rogue Jones single ‘Englynion Angylion‘ (The Poetry of Angels) coming out on Libertino Records. A euphoric call to arms with a message of empowerment, liberation and rebellion.  Rogue Jones “getting in touch with their inner witch and embracing nature”.

This, the band’s first single taken from their second album, started life as a Fiona Apple and Kate Bush inspired brooding piano-led verse before being dragged to The Loft in 70s New York by the ghost of David Mancuso. On the wave of a joyous chorus dances impish strings, pianos and enlivening melodies, like the music that Mancuso loved and played, Englynion Angylion is ‘soulful, rhythmic and impart words of hope and redemption.’

Rogue Jones say of the rich accompanying visual: “The song mentions angels so I decided to pay tribute to my favourite depiction of angels in film, Wings of Desire.  But if Wim Wenders had made it in Carmarthenshire instead of pre-unification Berlin.  And instead of Bruno Ganz you get me looking uncomfortable.

In the lyrics we sing about the angels ‘calling you to dance’ but it felt more appropriate and interesting to have us (the angels in the video) being inspired to dance by the deeds of the mortal.  

We’re lucky that Bethan is an amazing performer and actor and we were also extremely fortunate to be able to call on Heledd Gwynn who is an incredibly talented actor, artist and all-round genius to star and we begged some of our neighbours to take part too.  

Shot and lit by Gareth Bull and we managed to briefly reunite original El Goodo members Matty Young, who painstakingly rotoscoped some shots against the odds, and Pixy Jones who edited the film.

It was really difficult and scary to climb up to the top of the crane but worthwhile in the end because it’s a great shot.”

Rogue Jones (Bethan Mai and Ynyr Morgan Ifan) returned to their second creative home of Ty Drwg Studios with longtime producer Frank Naughton to work on the foundations of Englynion Angylion. Llŷr Pari ‘The Melin y Coed Metronome’ was on drums and mixing, Elen Ifan on cello, Mari Morgan on disco violin, recorded in Caernarfon by Gruff Ab Arwel.

Englynion Angylion “is our attempt at making straight-up 1970s orchestral disco but like everything we do, it comes out a little stranger. Country people trying to make big city music” and succeeding in bringing nature’s rainbow palette with them to lighten the darkest of urban streets. 

Video Credits

Cyfarwyddwr / Director : Ynyr Morgan Ifan

Cast :

Heledd Gwynn

Bethan Mai

Ynyr Morgan Ifan

Paul Willis

Tanwen Antur

Myfi Mŵg

Cyfarwyddwr Ffotograffiaeth / Director of Photography : Gareth Bull

Golygydd / Editor : Pixy Jones

Rotosgopio / Rotoscoping : Mathew Young

Ffotograffiaeth Ychwanegol / Additional Photography : Ynyr Morgan Ifan

Video of the Week #231: Rogue Jones - Englynion Angylion 2

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