NEWS: Elizabete Balčus shares intoxicating escapism of new video 'Hotel Universe' 3

NEWS: Elizabete Balčus shares intoxicating escapism of new video ‘Hotel Universe’


Elizabete Balčus returns with wonderfully intoxicating new single Hotel Universe her first single and title track from her upcoming album via Mothland. She continues to embrace the surreal, fluttering between esoteric artistic visions redolent of the likes of Jenny Hval, and the more experimental work of Bjork and hyper-pop. She weaves intoxicating reverb-echoing vocal chants, dreamy textures of synths, flutes underpinned by pulsing beats, crafting an otherworldly palette that floats you away on a cloud.

Inspired by consciousness of dreams and how you can explore them, Elizabete Balčus spent much of the last few years staying in hotels on tour in Europe, East Asia and Western Canada, says: “I dreamt of a hotel in a retro-futuristic place in a parallel universe, where everything is one and everything is interconnected. Later, every time I was in the process of creating, I was consciously putting myself back in that dream. It’s like meditation, being in a dreamlike state.”

The result is a captivating, challenging and inventive arrangement from the Latvian artist that reflects the exhilarating extremes our mind can take us to.

For the visually fascinating music video, Zane Zelmene, a fellow Latvian, with a penchant for designing trippy landscapes in 3-D came on board to create what she says “is an exploration of conscious dream travel through different dimensions and other worlds.”
Elizabete Balčus‘ dream pop delight of a debut album was performed live with edible instruments, a prosthetic leg turned into a synth as she wore homemade costumes that Dali would likely have been proud to have stashed around his house.
NEWS: Elizabete Balčus shares intoxicating escapism of new video 'Hotel Universe' 3

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