More More More! - Kylie reaches 'Fever' pitch!

More More More! – Kylie reaches ‘Fever’ pitch!

In 1999, it had been a whole five years since Kylie Minogue had scored a UK Top Ten hit. She was still charting, but more modestly than in the first half of the decade. The publication of a large hardback book of often revealing but tasteful photographs spanning her career – featuring a sleeve that bore just her arm in a sweatband with her name on it – seemed to propel her back to the forefront of people’s minds, and the following year, she would be back at number one with the undeniable club classic ‘Spinning Around‘. This spawned the period that I like to call ‘Golden Age Kylie’, the pinnacle of which was 2001’s spectacular Fever.

More More More‘ opens the album with aplomb, a taster of the disco delights within, though a different song to the famous Andrea True Connection one, this one having been penned by TommyD and Liz Winstanley. It’s both wistful and seductive, as though leading you coyly to the dancefloor. Once there, however, you’re battered by the aural assault of ‘Love At First Sight‘, surely one of Kylie’s most popular singles, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s dreamy and alluring as well as being unfathomably catchy. A true pop classic if ever there was one.

I don’t think the enormous selling pop monster that is the brilliant ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head‘ needs much of an introduction, does it? You know it, you’re aware of its greatness, and you already know Cathy Dennis was a key writer of it. Enough said. Let’s move on to the title track…

Effortlessly flirtatious electronic beats compliment a more restrained vocal from our diminutive heroine, giving it a kind of Sugababes type vibe and proving once again that Kylie can turn her hand to all manner of musical genres. ‘Give It to Me‘ is another case in point, seeming to lean more towards the American female vocal groups of the time, Destiny’s Child perhaps high on the list of references.

Fragile‘, for me, is up there with her absolute best work. There’s something just so alluring about that post-club 3am feel that this number conjures up. It gives you a warm glow and wraps its arms around you lovingly. It feels like it’s telling you “Everything’s OK. Don’t worry!

Another definitive single is up next, in the shape of the immortal ‘Come Into My World‘ and its breathily delivered, sublime vocals over the top of an almost early eighties melody. If you’re not sucked in by now, the stone cold classic ‘In Your Eyes‘ is here to show you the light. More irresistible disco grooves and a precision perfect vocal that easily elevates Fever to one of the all time top ‘pop’ albums. And yes, I did say ‘all time’. It’s simply a fantastic record.

Dancefloor‘ has shades of Earth, Wind and Fire about it, ‘Love Affair‘ continues that early hours vibe that ‘Fragile‘ conveyed so eloquently and ‘Love Affair‘ suggests a vulnerability not hitherto visited since the earliest days of Kylie’s career.

Burnin’ Up‘ is the perfect album closer in many ways, because instead of winding the party down, it simply leaves you wanting more. Infectious, sexy, impossible not to dance to, and utterly euphoric.

What. An. Album.

More More More! - Kylie reaches 'Fever' pitch!

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