Having supported the likes of Miles Kane and Sir Elton John this year, Tom A. Smith’s name is on everyone’s lips. Just eighteen years old, Tom’s been on the scene since the age of eight and has built quite the following. Now backed by a full band, 2022 has seen him tour the festival circuit and release a wealth of material that showcases not only the strength of his vocals and how talented a guitarist he is, but also how far he’s come at such a young age.

We recently caught Tom on one of his rare days off and had the pleasure of chatting to him about his sound, the best advice that he’s received, what he’s been listening to and more.

Hey Tom! How are you doing today?

Perfect, thanks – just messing about with some new songs at home and enjoying a few days off.

How would you describe your sound in five words?

No. Tune. Sounds. The. Same.

You were just 8 years old when you did your first gig. What do you know now that you wish you’d known then?

Considering I wouldn’t really change anything, probably how to tune a guitar properly. There are some bum notes in a few of the old videos.

You’ve received support from a wealth of prolific names over the years. What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Definitely from Matt [Hall] of Little Comets, which was to just keep writing and writing and writing – it’s the only way to get good at something. My Dad’s advice to treat it like a 9-5 job and try and achieve something every day also seems to be quite a good one.

You’ve shared a lot of amazing covers on your socials over the years – if you could choose any artist to cover one of your songs, who would it be?

I’d never really thought about this so maybe someone like The Chemical Brothers, who could just make it into something different. I wouldn’t say no to any of the people I’ve covered having an attempt though.

We saw you smash a Led Zeppelin cover at Neighbourhood Weekender back in May. How do you choose your covers?

That one was just on a whim to be honest – probably won’t ever play it again! Normally I’m just trying to choose something that is different to what I do, but I can’t really see myself doing many more in the future (live anyway).

You started off solo but are currently touring with a band – how did you find that transition?

So easy, all of my songs need a band to sound right. If anything, playing them solo helped because I knew what they needed to sound huge. I’ve known Dylan (guitarist) and Frazer (drummer) for years so that was easy and Katie on bass is just mint to be around anyway, so it was so easy.

Which album have you currently got on repeat?

This week it’s the Wunderhorse‘s debut album, which is absolutely brilliant. Last week it was the new Arctic Monkeys album, which has moments of genius in it.

From touring with Miles Kane to playing at Glastonbury, it’s been a huge year for you. What are your hopes for 2023?

More of the same would do me, I’m building an audience and playing live is the greatest feeling in the world. We definitely have more special things to come. I guarantee it.

Thanks for your time, Tom. Where can people see you on the road?

I have a headline tour coming up with Newcastle already sold out. On top of that we have Stockport , Liverpool, York and London doing well. So excited for that.


A HUGE thanks to Tom for finding time to answer my questions. His latest single, ‘Like You Do’ is out now on TYM Recordings. Find out where you can see him on tour here.

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