The five band members of The Goa Express
Credit: Cal Moores


The Goa Express grew up together in Burnley, shared adolescent experiences moulding the sound and spirit of the band. Now the five-piece have produced a self-titled debut album, set for release on 1 December.

How does it feel to have this body of work nearly out in the world?
It feels pretty weird and quite strange and also feels like a long time coming. We always knew the album was going to be a thing, something that would eventually be released to the world but when, how and under what circumstances, always seemed unknown. Although it looks super pretty, sounds great and is ready and eager to go, it’s hard to gauge how we will feel until people get their ears to it. I guess all we can do now is wait and see how people react. It’s a very proud moment for us and it’s amazing that the five of us actually managed to make something … 

The album was recorded in the Welsh Village of Raglan with Ocean Colour Scene’s Damon Minchella and Tom Manning producing. How was the recording process? Was it a thrill to be working on your debut album or did it come with some unexpected challenges? 
Tom and Damon made the journey to our old studio in Manchester, Brunswick Mill (R.I.P, now flats) in the summer and tracked a load of of our songs live after hearing us at some shows. We instantly clicked. Afterwards, we headed into town and had a few drinks and some food. A few months later at the start of his year, we were in the studio with them in Raglan making the record. Of course it was a thrill and it was also extremely easy, pretty much stress free. The only challenge was expected, and that was waking up in the morning. 

New single ‘It’s Never Been Better‘ is out on 27 November.  Was it difficult to choose which song to share before the album is released?
‘It’s Never Been Better’ is the oldest song on the album so in a weird way, it sort of makes sense that it’s the final single before the debut record. Existing as a demo for years and years, it really came to life in the studio, exceeding our expectations. Thank you, Damon and Tom. The song holds so many memories of when we were young and stupid so it sort of seems fitting to introduce the album in this way. I think its a good reminder of how far we have actually come, not only as a band but also as individuals and friends. 

What are the main themes of the record?
The debut album seems to be a bit of a nostalgia trip for us lot. It reminds us all of growing up, of getting older, of looking back, of making mistakes, having fun and of conjuring up plans for the future. The album contains over ten years of shared memories and to be honest, that’s pretty crazy. Those who know us well have an understanding of what it feels like to be close to the 5 of us. It’s hard to put into words but hopefully, the album helps people to see what that feels like. 

Any particular favourite tracks?
All of the tracks on the album are different and none of them are more important or any better than the others. I think each of us would probably have favourite tracks or prefer different moments on the album and I guess that the public will also share the same sentiment. Ultimately, if the album is appreciated as a whole body and not just on a track to track basis then I think that we will be pretty happy with the result and so will everyone else.

The Goa Express will tour In December supporting the album release:
1 – Hebden Bridge – Trades Club
2 – Liverpool – EBGBS  
3 – Birmingham – Muthers Studio 
29 – London – The Lexington

For more information on The Goa Express please check out their facebook and instagram.

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