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LIVE: Malevolence – Tramshed, Cardiff, 03/02/2024

In recent years, Northern metal heroes Malevolence have proven time and time again that they warrant their place toward the top of the roster when it comes to British metal bands. Having already completed a rather sizeable (and sold out) UK tour at the end of last year, this tour comes as a victory lap of some of the UK’s smaller venues, with the second night taking place at Cardiff’s own Tramshed. 

Malevolence being in town wasn’t the only reason that Cardiff was so rowdy however, as there was a small game of rugby taking place just a mile or two down the road. Nonetheless, there was still a near-sell out crowd, which ensured that their set was certainly going to keep the members of the security posted behind the barrier busy. 

The room erupted into applause as the band took their positions, emerging from the side of the stage to a boxing commentary track. This applause quickly transitioned into carnage as their heavy hitting track “Malicious Intent” began. 

For most of the band, Cardiff is just one of the many dates on this tour. But for vocalist Alex Taylor, it’s a hometown show. This return to the Welsh capital certainly seemed to have helped stoke the fire inside Taylor, who was on particularly good form throughout the evening.

Sometimes when you haven’t seen a band for a number of months or even years, it becomes easy to forget just how much you enjoy their live shows. It’s been nearly two years since I last saw Malevolence, but amongst the flailing limbs and the gritty riffs of Saturday’s show, those feelings of adoration quickly flooded back. 

While some will have been slightly disappointed about the lack of material from their 2013 album “Reign Of Suffering”, Malevolence were sure to include many of their big anthems, such as “Self Supremacy”, “Life Sentence”, and “Keep Your Distance”. There was also a poignant moment for the ethereal-sounding “Higher Place”, a song that quelled much of the energy, but not for so long that it became boring.

The night’s conclusion came to the sound of “On Broken Glass“, which saw a final flurry of people make their way into the mosh pit, as well as over the barrier by any means necessary, all prompted by Taylor. Hollers and cheers made their way throughout the crowd as the band departed the stage, and the previously packed and unruly room slowly emptied itself onto the wet and windy Cardiff street once more.

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