Noah and the Loners – Desolate Warning EP (Marshall Records)

Are the kids alright? The future does not look bright, let’s be honest. Right now, what have they got to look forward to? Oppressive house prices, un-controlled rent, utilities still at an all time high, climate change, wars, corrupt government, divided country. Happy days, hey?

Well in the true spirit of the late 70’s punks that railed against the three day week, blackouts, unemployment and disenchantment, Noah and the Loners are kicking against the pricks, with piss and vinegar in every word, chord and drum slap.

This is their first EP following two of the best singles of the past few years, ‘Teenage Tragedy’ and ‘Protest Anger’ furious, anarchic smack downs of the arseholes in government and the growing pains of adolescence.

Since signing for Marshall Records, more renowned for building the amplifiers this kind of heavy heavy monster show blasts through, but they’re putting their money where the guitar riffs are and releasing the fruits of the woofers and tweeters.

Crash Landing’ kicks as off, very much kicking the door down and your face in. Metaphorically of course. Unless you happen to be a Tory, in which case, maybe stay out of their way. It is the bastard cousin of ‘Protest Anger’ an angry swipe at the state of our country. It feels like those drums are going to come out of the speakers and batter you into submission. “This calls for/another crash landing/get parliament burning”. Well their pants are certainly on fire.

‘Just Kids’ is 84 seconds of ear blasting, full throttle, arse kicking, defending the right to be a kid but also that they’re not responsible for the shit storm they’re about to inherit.

You Make Me Fall Apart’ allows a momentary rest bite as the verse simmers before the chorus explodes as you’d expect. An ode to anyone who has done Noah Lonergans wrong.

‘Losing My Head’ is probably the closest they come to 90’s Green Day/00’s Emo Rock of the likes of Fall Out Boy and a dash of Paramore. It shows a breadth to their sound, which, if you’ve seen them live, includes a softer sound with an epic alt rock edge.

‘Hell Of A Day’ was the first single from the EP and describes, as you’d expect, quite a day, mainly shit because his beloved Tottenham Hotspur lost, the trains were fucked, and a myriad of other things that made it shit. We’ve all been there. Especially when you support Spurs.

Above all, Noah and his gang give a fuck. They sing about important issues, with anger and fire and grit and determination and a gumption to make something happen, to stir up something in the youth and old today. This is an important social document. Play loud! Actually play it FUCKING LOUD!!

The kids will be alright.

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