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Dublin-based Meryl Streek released his debut album 796 in 2022. With a live set which is both confrontational and exhilarating, Meryl Streek pushes the boundaries of lyrical content and performance. We caught up with Meryl Streek to find out more.

You are currently on tour in the UK.  How is it going, particularly in comparison with your previous tour in support of your debut album 796 (released November 2022 on Venn Records)?
The UK tour was brilliant lots of excitement and sold out shows which is a good sign. The new album will be out end of summer all going to plan so I’m excited to see what happens next. 

Could you share a little on the background and creation of Meryl Streek?  Were you in bands previously?
I had been in bands for 15 years as a touring drummer and just couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t like pretending I was a rock star and being a dickhead to fit In so Meryl Streek became my protest at the music industry. There’s no money in bands unless you’re selling out stadiums so what I do now is far more beneficial and fun. I tell story’s and it’s just me in the driving seat of it. 

Your songs combine politically charged lyrics with electronic and beat heavy soundscapes.  The resulting story-telling is emotive and powerful.  What was the first song you wrote as Meryl Streek and can you explain a bit about the background?   
Hmm the first song I made as Meryl Streek would be part of a bunch of songs I never released or never made it onto 796. But the song was written about being fed up in society and especially the music industry. It’s ran by absolute plebs who you’ve to bow down to to get anywhere within it. It’s just a money grab. 

Would I be right in thinking that album Number 2 will be released in 2024?  The themes of your debut 796 were harrowing, thought-provoking and personal, in particular calling out corruption, abuse of power and a lack of transparency within Ireland.  What is the thread that runs through your second album?
Yes the second album is due for 2024. It’s hitting the same type of topics and rightly so. Nothing has changed and either will I. Ireland has gotten worse and remains to get worse so I’ve still go a lot of giving out to do. I’m excited to see the next chapter come out though and I’m hoping people will like it. 

Your current live show is a simple set up, not even a band with you, and yet visually it’s more impactful than those who spend thousands.  Is it liberating being a solo artist onstage?
It feels pretty good and I’ve started to call my gigs counselling sessions. It’s just me and a microphone but it works. It takes a good bit out of me but I really enjoy it compared to my years in bands. I like that it’s a little different and I like that it pisses a few people off. I’ll get a band someday if the music industry pays me enough but honestly it’s not on my to do list anytime soon. 

You had some incredible support gigs in 2023 including PiL, Bob Vylan, Kneecap and Benefits.  How did it feel to share the stage with these artists? 
It felt unbelievable really. More so playing my first gig end of 2022 in a squat in Dublin to my last gig in Kentish Town forum supporting PIL. It’s another reason why I wouldn’t get a band nothing is broken and something seems to be working. 

Finally, any more news or plans you can share for 2024?
Lots more screaming and giving out about generic bands acting like rock stars, scum bag politicians, crooked landlords and of course the Catholic Church. I’m only starting and the next chapter will be as exciting. 

For more information on Meryl Streek check out facebook and instagram.

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