NEWS: Down in Motion share ‘Ain’t No Priority’

Down In Motion have unveiled their second single, ‘Ain’t No Priority,’ opening with a thunderous, skilful wall of sound, this incendiary alt-rock whirlwind soars with a whip-smart chorus, soulful vocals, roaring bass and intricate riffs that build with cathartic force. Rich with dynamic backing vocals and hardcore percussion, this widescreen track stands out in the underground UK scene, where Down In Motion is quickly emerging as a significant force blending alternative rock, emo, and pop punk. Their latest release powerfully comments on modern life’s distractions and emphasizes the importance of prioritising what truly matters.

Frontman Tom Holmes delivers poignant lyrics that critique the authenticity of our online personas and the societal pressures toward superficial objectives. “We wear masks and make-believe, but we’re not in fantasy,” he laments, advocating for a genuine connection to our true selves amidst the relentless digital noise. “Open up your heart before your eyes,” he urges, promoting authenticity over appearances.

‘Ain’t No Priority’ offers a musical exploration, featuring a reflective synth solo that leads into a resonant climactic chorus, compelling listeners to reconsider their life’s priorities. The combination of introspective lyrics and powerful musical composition presents a persuasive call to action.

The band humorously acknowledge the irony of promoting a song critiquing social media’s impact via social platforms. They note the title’s playful use of a double negative adds complexity to its message. “It’s a kind of a play on words but also reflects the deeper meaning to wake up and reassess, ” they remark. “It’s about finding balance ultimately.”

With ‘Ain’t No Priority,‘ Down In Motion not only demonstrate their musical talent but also initiate a dialogue on the digital age’s challenges. The song reminds us to navigate our online clutter and concentrate on what’s genuinely significant, merging catchy rock melodies with profound contemporary reflections.

Following the success of their debut ‘Into the River,’ the band express their gratitude and excitement for the future. Andy Forman, on guitar and backing vocals said the band are “So grateful for the love our first track received—it truly touches our hearts! It’s fuelled our excitement for what’s ahead,” while Jaz Tidy on bass and production said, “Our debut song did way better than we expected. This one has a totally different vibe—it’s darker and heavier, which I personally prefer, but it still carries our signature sound. Hopefully, everyone who liked the first track will show this one the same love.” –

‘Ain’t No Priority’ is out now on Spotify, and the band plan to release a music video within the coming weeks.

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Down In Motion – UK based rock band.


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