The five piece band Bikini Body
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Bikini Body – Weird Party (Optimo Music Rocks!)

Edinburgh based Bikini Body share their new EP Weird Party on 19 April. It’s the first release of the label Optimo Music Rocks!, the musical outlet of Glasgow’s Optimo the club and the label has been set-up by the club’s co-founder JD Twitch.

Opener ‘Chivas Dunhills Coke’ introduces themes which seep through Weird Party, that is gender stereotypes, the objectifying of women and the expectation that they stay within their lane. The funky punky rhythms are perfect for the dancefloor. The lead vocal of Vicky Kavanagh is a mixture of sung and spoken on this track, and as it reaches its midpoint the energy suddenly ramps up. This is followed by ‘Bond Girl / Miss World’ . Quirky and off kilter, the funky guitar is just glorious here. The imagery through the lyrics are so expressive and demonstrates Bikini Body’s ability to use humour to reinforce their message:
“Bond girl, taking out the bins in a ballgown
Boyfriend with the ego of a small town, twat.”

Society’s expectations of gender roles create damaging negative impact on individuals and perhaps this is reflected in the darker more foreboding turn ‘Bond Girl/Miss World’ takes at its midpoint. “She didn’t make the bed but she’ll lie in it.” The track descends into chaos at its end, such is the resulting frustrations.

Next up is the last single‘Mr Tinnitus’. Lightening the mood, this is party central from the off.  Disco and funk are mixed in with the punky vocals.  It sets off at pace and to be honest never slows until the final note.  The cowbells are a perfect addition adding to the overall dancefloor vibe. 

‘Happy Painting’ slows down the pace, and is delivered with a spoken, but still impassioned, vocal. The twangy guitar and crashing cymbals add to the measured beat. Final track and live favourite, ‘Manie Sans Délire’ has a suitably manic delivery, in keeping with the theme. It roughly translates to “insanity without delirium” which was first identified in the 1800’s with this phrase created by Philippe Pinel. The frenzied repetition of the title only adds to the overall atmosphere, as does the off-key outro of the guitar at the end.

With Weird Party Bikini Body have produced an EP full of rhythm and groove. However listen closely as the lyrics paint a more serious picture, expressing themes still in existence in contemporary society. The punk funk vibes are an utter joy, and the band share the following on the EP:
“Weird Party is a collection of tried and tested Post-Funk Punk tracks, each with a personality that evokes the oddballs and tearaways you met at that weird house party the other week. ‘Mr Tinnitus’ leads the record with Disco doggerel and plenty of cowbell, signalling our desire to be dancier than Post-Punk and Punkier than dance. Personal experience of disappointing encounters, chauvinist male stereotypes and gendered ideals pepper the remaining tracks without compromising the irresistible groove inherent to the Bikini Body sound.”

For more information on Bikini Body please check their facebook and instagram.

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