EXCLUSIVE: Mauro Pawlowski (dEUS) – ‘In Starlight (We Must Be Alive)’ Video Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Mauro Pawlowski (dEUS) – ‘In Starlight (We Must Be Alive)’ Video Premiere

Belgium’s Mauro Pawlowski, shows no slowing down after his recent departure from dEUS with the new video for his AOR Hair Metal Anthem ‘In Starlight (We Must Be Alive)’, watch it exclusively above.

‘In Starlight (We Must Be Alive)’ is taken from the forthcoming album Pawlowski, Trouve & Ward – 2 released on Jezus Factory Records.

Mauro says of the album; “It’s supposed to be a sort of failed and lost 80’s blockbuster movie soundtrack, with commercials in between. A bit far-fetched, I know but I can’t help it either”. Talking about ‘In Starlight (We Must Be Alive)’ and why it is different from anything in his vast back catalogue; he had this to say… “about ‘Starlight’: it’s actually a track from my fictional band Airgazer. Dedication from Safety First was also part of it. I have some more stuff like this lying around. Power ballads, fist in the air anthems, esoteric digital synth prog, muso soft rock à la Toto etc. And the truth is that I really like that kind of music. There’s less irony involved as it may sound or look. I know it’s silly! Maybe I should finish that record. It could become a millionseller… in 1986. Aaargh… So many ideas…”

Mauro Pawlowski first rose to public prominence in the early 90’s as frontman for Evil Superstars who along with dEUS http://www.deus.be/ brought Belgian music into the wider European consciousness with a slew of minor hits such as ‘Satan Is In My Ass and ‘It’s A Sad Sad Planet’.

After the second Dave Sardy produced album Boogie Children-R-Us Mauro split the band at the peak of its powers to release the also Dave Sardy produced album Songs From A Bad Hat. A prolific collaborator who has appeared on a staggering 94 separate solo and group releases with a schizophrenic palette that covers in recent years Steve Albini noise rock (Gruppo DI Pawlowski), drone, jazz, (Frank Zappa tribute with Flat Earth Society) folk singer-songwriting (Maurits Pauwels) and pure pop (Hitsville Drunks) Mauro is a man you can never predict, such as when he joined dEUS during the recording of the Pocket Revolution album in 2004 and remained with the band until last month appearing on four studio albums and over 400 shows making him the longest serving of any dEUS guitar players.

Ironically enough this release Pawlowski, Trouve & Ward – 2 includes the guitar player Mauro replaced in dEUS, Craig Ward; who in turn also replaced Rudy Trouve when he left dEUS… Is it complicated? Not as much as it sounds when you find out that all 3 men have been members of the same bands before, Kiss My Jazz and The Love Substitutes. On Pawlowski, Trouve & Ward – 2 they have followed up the first volume released 10 years ago with their own solo contributions.


THE definitive resource on Mauro Pawlowski http://www.mauroworld.net/

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