Glasvegas: Wolves Slade Rooms: 23/03/11

Glasvegas are back with a new album, Euphoric///Heartbreak\ and a new drummer, Jonna Löfgren. Tonight’s shows forms part of a sellout warm up tour, with a full UK tour in April. From the atmosphere and energy of the room it’s clear that demand for Glasvegas is at an all time high and the follow up album has been received well.

Fellow Glaswegian, Gillian Christie kicks of the evening and treats us to a set, which sees much of her back catalogue and even some newer songs. Her stage presence is very clam and collected, with elements of fragility, yet her powerful voice contradicts this and commands the crowd. Defiantly keep an eye for this girl.

glasvegas 331 800

No sooner had the opening act finish than the room filled to is capacity and with that came an air of excitement and trepidation. Glasvegas opened the set with ‘The world is yours’, the lead single from the latest album. Their set comprised much of the first album, excluding ‘Lonesome Swan’ and ‘Stabbed’, and a scattering of newer songs. Despite their songs content revolving around subjects as serious as murder and absent fathers the crowd are in excitable and joyful mood, with the majority joining in the choruses of ‘Geraldine’ and other favorites.

Both Glasvegas’ albums have received much acclaim and well deserved it is; however I find their music difficult to fully behind yet their live performance manages to suck me straight in and become one with the band. A brilliant band to see live, as each song is performed with the emotion and openness in which it was written and as a result their albums has been on loop all of today. Only two
words can describe this band live; Epic and Euphoric.

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