Why We love Record Store Day!

Flicking through rows upon rows of records they are appealing in their imaginative covers and their absolute timelessness.
With Record Store Day approaching tomorrow it is something great we are celebrating – our musical heritage. Think about it, records have made and gone down in history over the years. Covers have captured the nation’s hearts, donning many a t-shirt these days as album covers have almost become a brand in themselves. Sex Pistols ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ is but one example.

sex pistols1
courtesy of www.radiotimes.co.uk

Vinyl shops have seen many a tough year, as CD’s became increasingly the more favourable format, mp3 and the iPod should have sent it to the grave, but alas it was to see something of a revival these last few years.
As a child my own dad seen his much valued record shop fail and spent the rest of my childhood independently buying and selling records. With me by his side I seen other stores face the hardships technology and lack of interest together brought them.
Years go by and things come back around, but it is not just collectors of ‘valuable’ picture vinyl or the elusive neon ones I always kept an eye out for. People recognize the benefits of owning a record collection; even new bands are out there on the original format these days.

Colour vinyl1
Why this rise in popularity? Because it is something you can hold, be proud to own, look after – it would be sacrilegious to scratch a record in my house! They document the history of music, artists and are made for the fans.
So why not take a walk out to your local record store tomorrow and begin or add to your collection. In Edinburgh, Avalanche Records have free gigs from Frightened Rabbit and Broken Records – two wonderful bands who greatly support our records and our shops.

avalanche grassmarket1
courtesy of www.avalancherecords.co.uk

Show why you love Record Store Day, wherever you are across the UK you will find something to join in with the vinyl lovers’ community and hopefully open it up to new keen music lovers.


Here are all the details if you are out in Scotland’s capital this weekend:





Saturday 16th:

Frightened Rabbit @ 1pm

Gordon McIntyre of Ballboy @ 2.30pm

The Last Battle @ 3pm playing next door @ Red Dog

Penguins Kill Polar Bears @ 5pm

Sunday 17th:

Broken Records @ 3pm



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