The Darlingtons – New Independent(Ordered Records)

We’re generation unfortunate, convinced by suffixing Fuck My Life to every daily misfortune. Boyfriend caught cheating? FML. Couldn’t get it up? FML. Ate too much cake?… It comes to the point where the internet/friendships are sagging under the fucking horrendous weight of mediocre upsets: we need a new vent, a new outlet. We’re no more pitiful than the kids of gone decades – we just don’t have the bands they did. FML has replaced the gloom-fucked groups that aren’t around now. We’re void from the self-indulgent, mood-bled records that problems are sounded off to, the tracks which soak up daily aches. In 2011, instead of crying under the bed sheets to a dark set of Smiths, Cure and Joy Division – we’re dropping an acronym – where’s the self-help in that? We may not have Morrissey to wail alongside, but come last month we do have The Darlingtons.

Debut EP ‘New Independent’, released on Ordered Records, negates the brooding, heartbroken tones – big enough, dark enough to counter any embarrasing trip-up. They may come from the country, the small town-crux but their sound has the weight and density of cities – the grime and understanding. It’s emotional. With a raw category and an uncomplicated lock on human nature – bad days sound so much better. FML null. Fuck your stereo.

[Rating: 4]

Release date: 11/04/2011
Available at

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