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The Darlingtons – Rotations

the darlingtons

‘Rotations’ is the latest single from Sheffield based four-piece The Darlingtons. A cut that’s darker and more intense than anything they have previously recorded.

Listening to ‘Rotations’ you get the sense The Darlingtons spent much time in their rooms pining over The Smiths and Joy Division. It chimes with such melancholy that only a teenager could fathom as the Kiran Roy soulfully croons with the desperation of Ian Curtis. The guitar lines haunt with the sentimentality of White Lies while the Interpol inspired post-rock rhythm sections hammer down from blackened skies.

The accompanying music video by Karl Taylor (Reel35) finds further depths within the song (which is rarely the case), as it crosses the claustrophobic nature of David Lynch with the ominous ambiance of Ben Wheatley.

‘Rotations’ is the closest The Darlingtons have come to their live sound, one that is furious, threatening and anthemic, something where their debut album Decades Dance unfortunately fell short. Hopefully we will see The Darlingtons continue along this atmospheric path.


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