Preaching from the Pews: Plant Plants

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New London based duo, Plant Plants name alone reminds me of Little Shop of Horror’s out of control plant Audrey II! (‘Feed me Herman!’ ) Instead, Plant Plants feed your ears with skillful music exhibits a boundless cut up creativity that blends glorious harmonies with electronic rhythms and organic hip hop samples.The new EP was produced by Jas Shaw(one half of SMD’s production team) and released this week on This Is Music new imprint, Less Music. Stream the whole thing below….

From the EP’s opener ‘Hands That Sleep’ that’s tic tack percussion is the sound of a a man shuffling along a stone path, while a calvolcade of samples and spoken word monologues spout forth. To the deliciously seductive lounge electronica of ‘She’s No One’ that could be the sumptuous meeting point between the slinky down tempomoments of Hot Chip, and the clicking electronic U-Turns of Late of the Pier.Its clear that Plant Plants are adept at skillfully patching together whatever happens to be in their hands and their hearts to create a sound that’s genuinely refreshing

Ironically finishing off with ‘Dandelion’ that’s hushed acoustic ditty and modestly affecting Paul Simon-esque melody, is embellished by dark imagery, demonic sounding backing vocals, and dappled with manner of blips and beeps that could have been half inched from Danger Mouse’s box of tricks during the Broken Bells sessions.

Plant Plants new self titled debut EP out this week (20th of June), is a masterclass in patchwork postmodernist sound: plucking various dispirate genres and influences from the Wu Tang Clan, Prince to the Faint and crafted them into an addictive package. Plant Plants, is the answer to the question why don’t anyone produce anything fresh sounding anymore?

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