Black Daniel – Mobile Phones

Black Daniel

Things certainly started off with a bang whilst I listened to this track for the first time, when the opening bar of music almost exploded my eardrums (damn high volume settings). Nevertheless, it certainly had my full attention!

Black Daniel‘s new single continues their trend of making guitar music FUN again – who wants to sit brooding in the house with some sad-sack crying over an acoustic guitar on the stereo when you can go out, dance, and have fun! This is the exact sentiment that rushes into your very mind and soul when Mobile Phones overcomes you. It’s electro-dance enough for hipsters to enjoy during the ‘Indie night’ of nightclubs, but possesses just enough bite and snarl of the overdriven guitar and REAL (!?!?!) drums to be loved by even the most ardent of rock ‘RAWK!’ fan. It’s Supergrass and Super Furry Animals if they started up in 2011 and met whilst gargling space dust and horse tranquilizers.

The beauty of Mobile Phones is that it never becomes boring. There’s always more than enough going on within the track to interest the listener. It’s not just the usual synthesiser-loop going on and on and on and on and on with vocals on top (typical of your fair share of dancey tracks). The bridge in the middle gives a lovely divider between the hedonism of the start and finish of the song, and gives us time to gather our thoughts (and works as a handy reminder that Black Daniel are an ACTUAL band, thanks to the cymbal bashing) all until the nice trail-off towards the end.

Mobile Phones is an excellent follow-up single from Black Daniel that continues to pave their crazy-paving path of the unconventional meeting the well-traveled norm.



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