Pulseve – Magnet

Pulseve Magnet

Kissing Like Pirañas threads together the deliciously distorted bass of Maurizio Veglio with Diego Franchino’s tight, tidy drums into an invigorating curtain raiser that nods towards David Bowie‘s Berlin-era via Nine Inch Nails experimental jams, establishing firmly the modus operandi of this instrumental duo. This eight minute opener is arranged brilliantly, the twosome each getting their moment under the spotlight, and the track twisting and turning like a cyborg python on a helter skelter.

Second track Night Skydiving has a sneering bassline garnished with twinklier notes here and there, flitting between murmuring asides and sneaky sections that sound like a detective movie being scored by Vangelis. The Last Bullfighter has pleasingly grungey wallops of bass and drums grunting in unison, it floats through a lengthy mid-section that has an eighties industrial feeling to it before building towards a chrome-polished, mellow close.

Final track Vulchaos is a cool and menacing number, Maurizio’s bass intermittently gurgling and then swishing like synthesised strings the next whilst Diego’s drums strut along, every so often breaking out in playful flourishes here and there, before building towards an elegant and abrupt close.

This four track EP is a good listen, the compositions are segue into one another well, which means, at times it all becomes a soup concoction, more a record to swim in than one to put on for a quick fix. Diego and Maurizio’s styles compliment one another excellently and it’s easy to drift away enjoying their intriguing jazzy yet mechanical style.


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