308234 247311358638607 136772306359180 684381 420781815 nThe state of popular music these days is dire, most of us would agree.  Boring, tepid, nothing there at all.  It lacks those key ingredients that make Pop so special – excitement and good songs.  Perhaps not surprisingly, as it’s long been the way, bands rule the airwaves whose whole schtick is a pale copy of something that wasn’t even good in the first place. Or worse, ripping off what was truly Pop but leaving out all the important elements that made it worth paying attention to.  And proper Popstars are a rapidly dying breed.  Enter Pris, three glamourous young ladies who are here to change all that.  Falling in love with them after seeing their “Blu Tack Baby” video earlier this year and going to almost every gig they’ve played since, I met singer Cat Gordon, guitarist Agatha Mol, and bassist Mary Gallagher at Camden’s The Spread Eagle to hear what they have to say.  Sassy but sweet, intelligent and funny, they are a proper band too, lots of in-jokes and taking the piss out of each other, but all done with much love between them.  I was struck most by their strong belief, spot on in my opinion, that the world needs them right now, and their desire to make POP! the way it deserves to be made and the way we deserve to hear and experience it.  




So how did it all begin?

Cat Gordon: In a bedroom, on Garageband, a few angry words coming into my head and then a few nights out with these guys.  And then Pris from that really.  Pretty D.I.Y. in a way…

Mary Gallagher: It really was.  My sister is her mate. Then we met Agatha on a night out.

Cat: Yeah, that was it really.  A lot of teenage angst built up and then getting to the age, early twenties, and thinking ‘Maybe I’ll try and write some songs, express it, form a band’ and that was Pris.  And obviously Blade Runner, I saw Blade Runner on the BBC one night and was like ‘That’s a fucking wicked name for a band, Pris.  A prostitute replica, can’t get better than that.’

I like that…

Cat: Yeah, it’s great.  I think it’s really good to have those references for bands.  Once you’ve got your name you’re kinda sorted, aren’t you?  It sets…

Agatha Mol:  If you’ve got a shitty name then you’re going to be a shitty band.

Cat: If you’ve got a name like The Wombats, you’ve never going to fucking do anything.

Mary: I couldn’t imagine us not being Pris now.

Have you guys been in bands before?  Because it’s hard to imagine songs this good coming from newcomers.

Cat: I’ve never been in a band before.  This is my first try at it.  Neither has Mary.  Agatha was actually in a band that you know called The Hall Of Mirrors.  But that was it really.  Agatha’s really musical, technical-wise.  Me and Mary are more kinda like-

Mary: And we need that.

Cat: Yeah, I think it’s a good balance.  Agatha brings all the…she can create the songs, you send stuff over, I send melodies and Mary does as well, we send lyrics to Agatha and then Agatha forms the idea so…but no bands beforehand.

I’m impressed that you guys can actually sing.

Cat: I’m impressed that people think I can sing.  I never really thought at the time, ‘Oh I can sing, I’m gonna do this’.  It was more like singing to ABBA in the mirror when I was 8 years old, locked in the bathroom.

Agatha: And were you Frida?

Cat: Agnetha, actually.  Well, let’s face it , I was probably Björn.  With us it’s more to do with we just wanted to be part of a band and a gang, not actually be like ‘let’s try and sing’. I wouldn’t say to Agatha “Do you think my voice sounds alright?”  It’s quite punk in the ethic.

I like that you actually sing.  For the past 10 years there’s been this horrible trend of people with just sort of nice, inoffensive vocals but not actually singing and you actually get up there and belt it out.

Cat: Oh, thank you.  I don’t know, I don’t know what I do…

Agatha: You go for it.

Cat: You just do something and then since we’ve been doing it, we’ve gotten nice feedback from it all and, I hate saying it, but it is quite natural to us just to be quite good, and yeah, pretty starry really.

Not that it matters that you can sing and play your instruments but do you think it helps when you’re trying to create something to actually have some sort of ability, because the world of pop and rock today is filled with people-

Cat: All you fucking need is some really good idols, some really good books that you’ve read in your life, films –

Mary: Ideas.

Cat: Yeah, ideology, that’s it. You don’t have to go to Britschool in order to-

Mary: Don’t get me started on Britschool. It’s the worst machine ever.

Cat: If you listen to good pop music you can write a fucking good pop song. Listen to ABBA, man!  Greatest Hits, that’s all you need…in life.  I know they’re not a cool band to like but seriously, how fucking influential are they?  They’re AMAAAZING!  I don’t mind manufactured bands but-

There is a lot of good manufactured pop-

Cat: Aw, massively-

Mary: Girls Aloud.

-but lots of it today is very, very boring, there’s nothing to it.

Cat: Yeah, when you’re young and you listen to Top 40 with Mark Goodier on a Sunday afternoon, and I used to record tapes and tapes of the Top 40, and it would range from pop music to indie music, it would be like Sheryl Crow or Joan Osborne and then it would be Steps or whatever but it was all different. Now when you listen to the Top 40 it’s –

Agatha: The same.  It is the same.

Cat: Kinda Black Eyed Peas, robotic voice-

Agatha:  It is the same.  It’s a copy of a copy of a copy of copy until it wears out.

Cat:  Charts failed me really.  But you know, that’s probably the internet, isn’t it?  But it’s sad because I listened to the Top 10 not long ago and it was just like a speeded-up voice, chipmunk-style singing and a dance beat, there was no alternative really-

Agatha:  And usually only 5 words within a song.

Cat: It’s just not exciting to me anymore.  And I don’t know if that’s just when you get older you don’t get as excited and maybe when you’re younger things are a lot more peachy and shiny but –

I think when you’re younger you’re experiencing a lot, there’s so much out there to learn about, then as you get older there’s less and less you haven’t already found that’s good.

Cat:  Yeah.  But I’m too arrogant to think that, I think that music’s got shit.  And I’m not trying to make a sweeping statement, I know that is but I don’t think it is as…alternative as it used to be.  There are really good bands out there, there are also a hell of a lot of shit ones.

Agatha:  You never get a good one in the Top 10 or the Top 40.

Mary: You get that defeatist attitude like there’s nowhere else to turn.  So you get together with your mates and try something different, and ignore everyone else. Which is what we’re trying to do.

Cat:  Which is what we did.  But we didn’t sit down and say ‘we’re gonna sound like this’

Mary:  We feel really like ‘I wish I was from another era’ or‘I’m gonna try and make something different’ and make it at the time, that’s what we wanna do really.


Going along with that, you seem to pay tribute to your influences without actually being derivative, like using the records in the ‘Better You Look’ video, and Blondie and Kenickie I think are really good frames of reference to point to the overall effect I get from seeing you guys live or hearing you but I don’t think you actually sound like Blondie or Kenickie, I think you have your own thing going on.

Cat: Yeah, I think maybe it’s the blonde hair and the fringe that gets the Blondie reference and Kenickie is probably the ‘yeah, yeah’s we have in our songs, but that’s a massive compliment because I love both of those bands.  And they were actually huge influences-

Mary: And they’re female, they’re strong, they have fun, their songs are catchy, so many female musicians at the moment are really straight-laced –  ‘Oh my god, I don’t get drunk cause I might have a hangover’ or ‘I’m fat’-

So who are your favourite popstars?

Cat: Shirley Manson, Nicky Wire-

Agatha: Courtney Love.

Cat: Yeah, definitely.  John Lydon, Sid Vicious.  Sid Vicious is probably my ultimate pop icon.

My ex-girlfriend says the cover to “The Better You Look” single always makes her think of the lovechild of a young Courtney Love and Katie Jane Garside.  How would you take that? 255723 204870542882689 136772306359180 536585 2683621 n

Cat: (laughing, flattered) I LOVE that. Why is she your ex?  I love her.  That’s really nice.  Yeah, we’ve been described as ‘Courtney Love’s angry offspring’ before, haven’t we? I think that’s wicked, cause when I hear our stuff I don’t think ‘that’s Courtney Love’, I hear my screeching, annoying voice and think ‘you sound the fuck…what do you sound like?’ That’s really cool that you can get the reference from that.

Agatha:  It’s hard not to be a reference these days.

Cat: If I saw our band, I’d be so fucking happy.  I look, I trawl on the fucking Internet and I don’t find anyone like us and then I find one and then I look at the drummer and I think ‘What a cunt of a face!’ And I think we’re pretty fucking perfect as a band, I think we’ve got what it takes, arrogant as that sounds.

Agatha: It sounds true to me.

So you mentioned books and films before, what about influences outside of music?  What are your favourite books and films?

Cat:  Elizabeth Wurtzel, Sylvia Plath, George Orwell, Bret Easton Ellis-

Agatha:  Dostoevsky and Bukowski.

Cat:  Bukowski is what me and Agatha bonded over when we first met.  We just swapped books around then quoted Bukowski at each other, it was quite an emotional time for us.  Mary likes Dr. Suess, The Cat In The Hat

Mary: I’m probably fucking more well-read than any of you! Nietzsche-

Cat: Bret Easton Ellis though, Bret Easton Ellis is a huge influence.  I think reading books sometimes is like listening to an album

Agatha: It’s important.

Cat: Yeah.  And it’s deeply influential.  Words, and lyrics, ideas, and imagery-

Agatha: You’ve got an intro, main theme, plot-

Cat: And characters as well-

Mary: And they take you away from this world, this shit world-

Cat: Yeah, escapism- yeah, there’s so many authors, I find it hard to list them all in my head…

So I’ve always said that there’s something about a really great pop song that’s akin to the feeling you have after you’ve first kissed someone you’ve really fancied for a long time. (much Aw’ing and laughter as Mary is teased about a boy she’s recently met) So what do you think is inherent in all great pop music?

Cat:   Aw man!  Yeah, sex and…every fucking thing really.  There’s so much emotion attached to a pop song –

Mary: That happy anxiety you get-

Cat: Yeeeaah –

Mary: – when you remember–

Agatha:  I guess it really depends like if you listen to the charts, the kind of stuff in the Top 10 now is probably-

Cat: Bad times. They’re like…zombies.  Even like when you hear ABBA, they can make you – I know I keep referring to ABBA but it was just a massive thing in my life when I was younger.  You hear a song and it’s really happy, like “Dancing Queen”, and then you hear “S.O.S.” and it’s just so sad, really depressing, and they sing it in this way…Sometimes a really happy song can remind you of something really sad and sometimes a really depressing song can be something so fucking uplifting.  I guess it’s where you are and what you’re doing, but pop music…it’s just something else, isn’t it?  Music’s like, you couldn’t really be without it, I couldn’t be without it. It’s something you can express anything through. People who aren’t into music are fucking lame. I just find it weird; surely you must like music?  If you don’t like music you’re fucking dead inside.

So what about your individual songs, what inspires you guys to write?  Let’s take the songs individually, “Blue Tack Baby” was probably the one that most people heard of you guys through, like me they saw the video and loved it, and it’s such a great song too, really really catchy.

Mary:  That was the best fun, filming that video.  It was like 5 a.m. after a gig.  It was quite late, lots of drink, lots of fun.

Cat: A lot of our songs are very much inspired, to put it straight, by cunts.  It is very much…anger, there’s a lot of bitterness in us.  A certain music scene in the East End inspires us too much, we shouldn’t allow it to really.  John Lydon said “Anger is an energy” and when I hear that, that makes my heart fucking beat, cause it’s so so true, that is spurring us on that far, that’s our ethic, that’s what we’re about.  Everything is inspired by hate, our parents don’t own museums, we come from these other places feeling alienated and then suddenly meeting people that you want to write and work music out with and then being in a group and everyone just being FUCKING pissed off with everything and annoyed and sharing the same idols and reading the same books…

Do you have any particular favourites of your songs-

Cat: Every single fucking one.  (Laughter). I don’t know why we’re not in the Top 10, I don’t know why we’re not Number 1 right now.  We should be on the front of the fucking Sun.  Our songs are fucking better than –

Agatha: Every single thing we’ve done is better than what’s in the Top 40.

Mary: It’s embarrassing when you look at people in the charts and at the festivals and they’re banging on about absolute crap, how they got with a guy or how they were let down in a job or how they’re heart was ripped out, you know what, get a fucking British wall up and be a bit harder.  Our songs are better, punkier, they’re more fun.

Cat:  I hate when people say ‘She’s a really good musician, she’s like this”  just because…you know Adele would never ever say a bad word about anyone in the music business in case she meets them-

Mary: Apart from skinny girls, she did once say that she’d never wear short skirts, because she’d never sell her music like that. Don’t get me wrong, all sizes are welcome in my world, but when you go cussing people that are skinny just because you can’t sell records for being that way, that’s your problem.  Don’t slag off the cheeky girls (much laughter) They pick what they do, they do it well.

So what does the future hold for Pris?

Cat: World domination, cover of The Sun with our tits out on page 3.

And my standard last question, say you’ve stolen a space shuttle and are flying it directly into the sun, for whatever reason, what would the soundtrack be?

Cat: Instantly I just thought ‘Star Wars’ (sings). That is a wicked question.

Mary: ‘You Stole The Sun From My Heart’.

Agatha: The theme from ‘Halo’.

  1. We need more bands like Pris!

    Music has been too ‘safe’ for too long.

    And *anyone* using autotune should be taken out and shot. And Justin Bieber. Just BECAUSE.

  2. Sorry I can’t believe that you’ve given this lot the time of day (again). I saw them live at a Manics gig and they were one of the worst bands i’d ever seen.

    I had it on good authority that the only reason they got that gig is coz the singer is dating the the manager of the Manics, who also happens to own a massive music PR company. For a shockingly bad band, they also get written about a fair bit. Hmmmm, wonder if that’s got anything to do with the BF’s PR company

    So Pris can bang on about being punk and DIY all they like but the truth is they are as corporate as all the bands that they cuss.

    I actually think this is a decent blog but you’ve let yourself down here big time. Or are you in the pocket of this band’s PR machine too?

    1. Manics till I die BUT heard Wire rates this band so I had a listen, I heard their song the other night on radio and thought it was good – I read a blog which made me laugh and got to listen to some of their bloody good lyrics – a feast of music snobs could do with hearing, industry HATES girls that write their own stuff and dose it with sex and egos – there’s no market for it so they’re fighting a loosing battle if anything. I hate the corporate pr machine but every band desires it- I didn’t care so much about it when I heard crying after kennedy yesterday and it’s absolutely a massive lyrical success, it made me want to bloody cry. I’m a manics fan, I’m a woman, and I love this band. Fuck me if I’m wrong. I know I’m not on my own here?

    2. So apparently we should pay no attention to Pris because they’ve been tentatively linked to another (shock horror) Cardiff band who must surely be giving them a leg up? I mean, how on earth else could three straight women obtain press from a DIY website?

      Besides if there’s any truth in your claims, as a Manics fan you should feel as ashamed they’re allowing themselves to be represented by someone willing to sleep with a supposed fame hungry woman. Except you’re not, are you? Because obviously it’s only the woman who’s the dirty one.

    3. Stop living in the past.
      Stop being a spoilsport.
      Stop being a prat.

      And no, I’m NOT a part of the Pris PR bandwagon, thank yooze very much. Much love 🙂

  3. To the person moaning about their contacts in the industry. STOP being so NAIVE. EVERY freakin band that ever sees the light of day has this type of backing so why should it matter?

    What matters is how good the music is and what they stand for….not who they may or may not be sleeping with.

    Unfortunately for this lot, their music isnt very good. They sound like a bad Kenicke or even worse Shampoo with a singer that looks about 30 years old singing songs about putting up posters on her wall. Grow up love!!

    They probably would have been big if they came out in the 90s but cant see anyone would want to hear that in 2011 but you never know, there is enough dross bands out there shifting units so maybe these ladies could be onto a winner.

  4. Lovin this debate right now, it’s time for a band like this. IT IS TIME for this girl’s music. I miss this punk, pop, romanticised trash. I like girls who speak their mind. Most intelligent men/ women do and good music is opinionated. I think they say naughty things in their interviews but lets face it it’s funny and half the time they hit the nail on the head… they’re funny. I didn’t realise who the lead’s boyfriend was. I don’t think I care either. Good music deserves credit irrespective of the famehungry broad who fronts it with diamonds in her pocket. look at courtney love… No cobain…no love.

  5. Jim – have you ever stuck a poster on your wall? You HAVE NOT LIVED my friend. I have to disagree with you there Jim. Nostalgia clearly. Great, great song. Even better video.

  6. Well it seems like a couple of Pris-hating trolls from the Manics forum are still sniffing around the band. Driven to despair by jealousy and their inability to form meaningful relationships with their own species. Pris are great, get over it and join a dating agency

  7. Got to love this thread. You people are morons.

    Had you read the interview, you’ll see that this is pretty much their first ever band.

    Were they fame hungry slags who sleep with people to get to the top, do you not think this might have already happened before now?

    They’re just a group of lasses who thought “yeah, lets give this a go” and are having fun.

    The fact that you all even care to have an opinion is great. Most bands who start out don’t even get that. The Naivete too is brilliant. In order to be able to even play a gig or try and release something, you need to know someone who can help you to do this. Call it a “corporate machine” or whatever. But every band you listen to is part of that machine.

    Also, I bet every one of you whinging about their ethics and how they’re going about things are probably just jealous because you’re stuck in crap jobs, wishing your life could be a little more creative. Thats your choice remember.

    Pris are fun. So bugger off killjoys.

  8. Couldn’t care less bout the Manics connection to be honest – loads of good bands have shagged their way to the top – but its a bit rich for them to keep whinging about the other posh/privileged artists/bands out there! Glass houses ladies!!! Doing the whole, “so-and-so are posh, boring wankers” thing is a bit cheap anyway. Shows a lack of faith in what they’re doing, almost like they’re trying to distract from the music which, in Pris’s case, is sadly a bit shit. I mean Kenickie/Shampoo were also-rans the 1st time round weren’t they? Weird bands to rip off in my opinion. If you’re gonna do the whole rip off thing, surely it makes sense to rip off someone the public were really into?! Their interview style is also pretty painful. Such cringy cringy statements. The whole ‘attitude’ they they have is so awful that i actually feel bad for them. Its pretty much a 90s spinal tap. Just waiting for one of them to say ‘girl power’! For a band going for the whole feisty/punky/sexy thing, they just don’t get away with it – in short they’re just too too old/haggered/cheesy. I don’t mean to be overly nasty and I know it shouldnt really matter but these guys are clearly pushing the “image” thing so heavily that people are obviously going to pass comment on how they look. The singer looks like one of those worn out 40-year-old women who starts wearing their daughter’s clothes while the rest of the band (especially the drummer) look like theyve been styled as a joke. Those glasses? Wow. Really? One positive note is the lyrics. I actually quite liked those. Nothing profound but some pretty ok sentiments in that ‘Better You Look’ song. Also the singer’s voice is ok. Obviously the 90s Spinal Tap girl band thing is there but she does manages the bubblegum voice thing without being overly grating. On the whole they’re a solid 3/10 for me. If they were 17 they could maybe pull this off but they’re not. The look/the act/the music is just not convincing. Just my opinion though and its nice to see their friends sticking up for them on here – they’re going to need them i reckon!!!

  9. Please lord tell me this band aren’t actually for real and this is some kind of bad joke? Dated, boring and just plain lame. These lot are doing no favours for women in music at all

  10. A slur on Pris has now become a slur on a fan’s musical taste. You can’t disguise the fact that their existence has annoyed a HELL of a lot of people lol FANTASTIC! Well done Pris for giving bloggers the impetus to do something with their boring lives. Some haters can be as nonchalant and constructive/ deconstructive as they like in tone, but I bet it’s all just a backlash to to those that PRIS have taken the piss out of. It’s a hilarious read…ahhhh stop them! They need friends, God help women everywhere, The singer is 40, STOP THEM! Are you the very people that Pris have slated? Slated your pin-up? Stinks of bitterness and scorn- and the green eyed monster- these guys broke down in their smart cars over Pris. LOL Nonchalant FOOLS no one – clearly someone is out to get you Pris – keep going my pretties and take them HATERS down to chinatown

  11. I love how some mega-pro-Pris fans are insulting both the nonplussed AND the bloggers in their comments. Don’t blame the blameless, people!
    If we all breathe for a moment and take a step back, it’s pretty clear these girls are neither original nor life affirming. What is clear though, is that they thrive of a nostalgia other bands seem keen to forget. They may sound like Shampoo, Bis, Helen Love or any other female fronted 90s band you care to quote, but the point is no other musician currently does. Yet other (mainly male) fronted bands churn out Oasis and The Strokes and Kings of Leon like those three bands created music (which, for the record, they certainly did not). Why on earth should they get away with it, if Pris can’t? And what does Pris gender and sexual preference even matter, in light of that?
    If you’ve got a problem with them blatantly ripping off someone else’s more authentic sound, then criticise the music scene in general – don’t lay into a specific band. I personally don’t rate Pris, but I’m not going to hate on an up-and-coming, barely established trio when there are acts out there who are FAR more threatening to the progression of Britain’s music industry. Doing so would be cowardice, equivalent to shouting at a kid in the street for making noise when down the road there’s a fucking rave.

  12. Laura sparks, you’re an idiot. Stop dismissing anyone who has an opinion on this band that you don’t share as a hater. If they don’t like it, they don’t like it. End of. It doesn’t mean they are jealous or have boring lives, it just means they don’t like the band. Why is that so hard to accept? I know you are just sticking up for your mates, or more likely you are actually one of the girls in the band, but if you can’t reply with a decently formed argument then don’t bother at all. The bottom line is this band just aren’t very good, and to be fair they should be happy that people on this site are talking about them as I have a feeling this may be the highpoint of their ‘career’

  13. “Had you read the interview, you’ll see that this is pretty much their first ever band….

    They’re just a group of lasses who thought “yeah, lets give this a go and are having fun”…..

    Hmmmm, can someone tell me how a group of ‘young’ girls just starting out on their own can afford to pay for the services of one of the biggest music promotion companies in the UK that do press for some of the biggest UK bands

    What would that cost? About 1k a week? Not bad for a struggling up and coming band.

    Anyone who thinks these girls are some kind of punk, pop revolutionaries is seriously deluded

  14. I wish I was one of the band because I’d make it my soul purpose in life to make it big. Why is it hard to accept that I like them and might be looking for other like-minded people on this matter? You offer an opinion which is great. But I love what they say in their songs, they’re bound to have pissed some fuckers off. It actually looks like I’m their biggest fan now, I’m happy with that tag. They’re not original. I’m saying that some people on here might be those they’ve said controvertial things about it’s logic lol. Equally some might not, like you Jim. What has that got to do with anyone else? I’m a fan NOW, I’ll keep following the band, I might even go and see them and shake their hand. And I suppose it’s annoying me that some sift through pop culture manuals to confirm that Pris aren’t orginal. Does any of that matter when their music is good? Their lyrics are good – crying after kennedy – have you heard by the way? Fan-fucking-tastic. Image isn’t everything, it’s alright, what they say is more interesting. Look at us, we’re no trend-setters. I heard their music first, I liked it, not arguing – stating… I don’t want to call you an idiot because I’m only having a bit of fun. You know… har har har

  15. Pris fucking rock. I think you need to see them live to really appreciate how punk and truly <em<rock and roll these can get.
    This may not come across as distinctly in the recordings, (where they take a cleaner, neater and ‘poppier’ approach to songmaking) but live they know how to get the party started, entertain, and play their instruments.

    They’re a lot of fun to watch, trust me, and with all their angsty energy the songs are loud and raw and beautiful – like a french prostitute.

    I like the DIY thing in general. Im a big fan of the 90s riot grrl music scene and i think Pris could really benefit from taking a more DIY approach to everything that they do (including recording) and roughening their edges slightly. Because theyll never be able to compete in the pop world – theyre just not ‘nice’ enough – and pushing a look will just leave them open to unnecessary criticism (as we’ve seen in these comments).

    I personally think they should give less of a fuck about the game and the image and the industry beacuse the attitude/style/swag that these girls have is so powerful, the songs they write, their charisma is so huuuuge, they could have people following adter them like kids after the pied piper.

  16. But I posses a spotty arse so they wont have me. I must therefore turn my love into hate and read Catcher in The Rye whilst having a pull.

  17. Fine you dont like Pris, fine you have no taste and still cling on to the delusional belief that the manics are not plodding AOR stadium rockers. But your arguements/POV’s relating to Pris are based on the following

    1. jealousy
    2. Spite
    3. Having on fucking ears
    3. Being a virgin who could only get such pretty ladies attention by being a nebbish,poxified poltroon.

  18. Pretty? Bah, these girls are fugly and their music sucks. I would rather cut off my own fucking ears off than have to listen to their infantile nonsense. Just cracks me up that they pretend to be punk when the singer is blatantly some mockney toff. And all those literature references…how pretentious! Funny I don’t remember dostoevsky writing any stories about putting posters on his wall. Or maybe he did, during the time he was exiled in siberia? Seriously anyone over 13 who listens to pris should be ashamed of themselves. They’re just really really embarassing

  19. I think “Whatever” has some serious issues, is a deeply flawed individual and is obviously the same person responsible for some of the previous posts. The signs are all there, the attempts to try and come across as intelligent, the casual sexism, the hatred [hidden behind a thin veneer of jocular banter] But his lack of self awareness is rather hilarious- to accuse a band of pretention for discussing books and then dropping in good old Fydor as a little tease just to show us all how well read he is, now that really smacks of hypocrisy.
    Dostoevsky didn’t write about posters that’s very true, but the murals in the new Moscow metro station based on his works caused a quite stir prompting psychologists to suggest they could do severe harm to the mentally fragile. That would be you ‘Whatever’ , why not take your anger, your misogyny and your woefully infantile put downs somewhere which will never see the light of day ? Like perhaps your sagging, piss stained underpants? I’m sure Pris don’t give a flying f**k whether you find them attractive or not. But I’m doubly sure if they met you would be wearing your testes as a particular dainty pair or earrings within minutes.

    1. Oh dear,if only you’d actually read the interview… I only mentioned Fyodor (not fydor as you incorrectly spelled it) Doestoevsky as an example of the band’s pretentiousness because in the interview they say he’s as an influence in their music. So there’s a bit of egg on your face methinks, no? You’re not nearly intelligent enough to get the rise out of me.

      1. Well done , bravo I bet your little chest is all puffed out with pride fran boy and Oh wowsa I made a typo! However if you wish to be really anal (which I think you secerety do) …You state “they say he’s as an influence in their music.”

        But the question is “what about influences OUTSIDE of music? What are your favourite books and films?”

        Agatha: Dostoevsky and Bukowski.

        So you isn’t no Einstein zit boy, but by god you’re a pofaced bore.

  20. So much for GIITTV readers thinking beyond aesthetic values, to be honest. Please don’t embarrass yourselves with talk of virginity and prettiness, it has nothing to do with music and it only highlights how incredibly sexist, immature and shallow you all are.

  21. Rightly or wrongly attractiveness always comes into it,certainly in pop music where the whole package forms part of the ‘aesthetic’ experience – male or female, people aren’t blind and people do make assumtions based on looks Record companies know that… Of course it can be very dangerous to make assumptions based on this and why is ‘Slut walk’ does an admirable job highlighting this. What did Julie Indelicate say? “Females in band photos are required to ‘bring the fuck’ ”

    But when faced with mysogynist fuck wits I reserve the right to call them spotty virgins and get the rise out of them. Childish? Of Course , but thats music forums for you. This is GIITV not a CERN meeting

  22. “Pris fucking rock. I think you need to see them live to really appreciate how punk and truly <em<rock and roll these can get"

    Yeah man this is like so punk and sooo RockNRoll

    WTF is she even playing that guitar???? This is bad, i mean like REALLY bad

  23. I liked their cover of Janie jones and A bomb in white heat is good.are they still going.?.
    ps, I’m a fifty something male.

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