The Way Of Purity – Biteback EP (Wormholedeath)

They say never judge a book by its cover, and for a good reason. However, sometimes your instincts are proved right.  One look at the artwork for Biteback just screams shite. An OTT depiction of the Crucifixion of Jesus, surrounded by wolves, complete with apocalyptic ‘atmosphere’ and fire, backlighting the aforementioned cross.

I get it. You’re intending to shock, disturb and try to prove yourselves arty or edgy. They list their hometown as Fuck on their Facebook page; some of their band members go by ridiculous names (Without Name, Deathwish and Lostmyfaith)… It’s all a bit trite, really. Actually, it’s amusing to see them try so damn hard to upset people.

‘Keep Dreaming’ actually has some really nice melodies that twist and turn (and on the surface, don’t really seem to know what they want to be or where they want to go) but the awful, grating vocals spoil it. ‘Eternal Damnnation of Rene Descartes’ offers more of the same and little else. It’s rather unimpressive, really. Again, the melodies are really nice, and they’d work so well instrumentally but, again, they’re ruined spectacularly by the ear-bleedingly, eye-stingingly bad vocals. That may be the point, but just because it’s intentional it doesn’t make it good.

Hardly worth the effort, really, but the ‘hardcore’ metals kids in the world will probably drool and spit over it while the rest of the world ignores it entirely.

Release date: Out now

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