GIITTV Writer’s Best of 2011 [Part 3] Albums 10-1

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Pedestals polished, we split infinitives and boldly go into the brave new world that is the GIITTV writer’s top ten albums of the year. Cataloguing the myriad releases of 2011 is arguably a misguided, if not good natured attempt at making sense of it all, but try we might.

All GIITTV writers were asked to list their ten favourite albums of the year, in order of preference, from which points were assigned and totals tallied. Those albums with the same number of votes were separated by a) how many writers voted for that particular album, and b) how highly they were ranked by the respective writer – a democracy men are thought to kill for.

One who may have seen the funny side, or at least the futility of it all, was the recently passed Christopher Hitchens. He was undoubtedly as rare as they come; articulate, sharp, bold and daring. If you can find the time to acknowledge his lifetime with 30 minutes of your own, you should do so here.

But, with regard to our own exploits, please click the images on each page to allow the story to unfold.

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