Gaggle - Army Of Birds (Transgressive) 2

Gaggle – Army Of Birds (Transgressive)



Vociferous, ‘girrrl-power’ choir, Gaggle sing from an admonitory hymn sheet of bombastic sisterhood; ripping apart the pretensions and preconceptions of the menfolk, on some sacrificial alter.

Attired in a luminous mix of atavistic, Babylonian priestess, chic and Zardoz retro-futurism, the songbird hegemony have ploughed a distinctive furrow; integrating the sounds of strong-willed and original bands like The Slits with apocalyptic cheer-leading menace, to create something oddly interesting.

On their latest anthemic, choral stomp, avian metaphor chants bounce off the timekeeping beat of a Roman galleon’s paursarius, as a barrage of hand-clapping and tribal rhythmic beats circulate in the background. ‘Army Of Birds’ is a no-nonsense, scorned, statement-of-intent; a prophetic sign of what’s to come on their, much anticipated, debut LP, From The Mouth Of The Cave – released on June 25th.

You can catch them showcase their glittering ‘end-of-days’ woes at The Arch, Village Underground, London, album launch on July 4th.





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