The Morning Waffle, with Thomas Le Beau-Morley [Suffer Like G Did]

The Morning Waffle, with Thomas Le Beau-Morley [Suffer Like G Did]

Who said drummers don’t know anything? Here to enlighten us all on the big questions really bothering us in this haphazard modern cosmopolitan botch job of a world we live in, is one half of the Morley half of ‘Suffer Like G Did’. These guys do, of course, also happen to be a great instrumental band worthy of anyone’s ears, you can read more about them here.trans

Do you think Obama will get a second term?

Hmmm… Well Mitt Romney is the slimiest piece of shit ever so I would go for a yes to Obama getting a second term. He’s just too good at looking like he’s doing a good job.

Ultimately it’s not going to make a bit of difference though! I’m very pessimistic.

We’re off to a flying start. If you were to buy a lunch meal deal from any high street retailer, what would you buy from where, and why?

Ha, what a strange question… I’m more of a ‘make your own lunch’ kind of guy. But I have been seen in Boots when I have no other choice.

Bach or Mozart?

Hmm… Bachzart? Oh no, Mozach.

Is the Universe really expanding, or are we just getting smaller?

I have no idea! I’m 26 and I still suck my thumb.

Can you clean dirt?

Visibly, not entirely, probably.

Is there an answer for everything?

No, but that’s fine. Man these questions are messing with my mind!

What is the meaning of Halloween?

I had a friend that wouldn’t go outside for halloween because she thought it celebrated the devil. I thought it was about eating sweets!? But I might be wrong. The devil one sounds more plausible.


‘The Morning Waffle’ will be back next Friday with another extra-special guest, read last week’s here.

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