The Morning Waffle: Alexander Ross Petersen [Love Among The Mannequins]

The Morning Waffle: Alexander Ross Petersen [Love Among The Mannequins]

Alexander Ross Petersen is an author of music, fiction and ideas. You can find out more about A R Petersen the person here. When not writing words down in physical form, Alexander is a member of the marvellous Love Among The Mannequins. They play rock, of sorts. Anyway, enough small talk…


Do you think the Euro will survive?

No idea.

Theatre or Opera?

Even though I see neither – ever – I suppose I’ll choose opera, purely because I’ve read incidentally around the subject and find the controversies such as those surrounding Strauss’s  ’Salome’ interesting.

Is there such a thing as ‘intelligence’?

I’d say that if you are faced with a difficult moral situation and, after evaluating all options possible to you and deciding none of them to be right, I’d say that you were probably showing symptoms of intelligence. If I was pushed for a definition I’d say intelligence could be measured by the awareness and appreciation of how little you know and understand and, also, that an opinion is not the same thing as a fact.

Does/Could communism work?


In one sentence, what is art?

Several thousand perfectly valid contradictory manifestos.

If I could be any character from my extensive knowledge of Greek mythology, I would be… ?

Fantasy: Thanatos. Realistically: Sisyphus.

Is it a good thing to always be asking ‘why?’

Neither good nor bad. It passes the time, sometimes pleasantly.

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