Saint Saviour @ St Pancras Old Church - 28/06/12

Saint Saviour @ St Pancras Old Church – 28/06/12


In the beautiful and intimate St Pancras Old Church, Saint Saviour premiered her debut album ‘Union’. to a crowd of enthusiastic listeners. It was one of those rare London summers evenings where everything just seems to flow into a perfect evening of music. Packed to the walls, and slightly warm, Ms Becky Jones took to the stage [read as…church altar] and offered up one hour of breathtaking vocal ability and musical talent that is not heard often enough in the industry today.

If you asked me to list the set by song, I could not. It is not for the fact that each song melded into the other, but for the sheer memorizing performance that she gave. Saint Saviour just doesn’t sing the songs, she ‘performs’ them. Some have said that this detracts from the music, but in my mind, it only enhanced it. Moving through the album, we were treated to the likes of ‘Tightrope’, ‘Liberty’ ‘The Rain Falls On The Just’, and her most recent single release ‘I Call This Home’ with each song the performance was intense and unique. Not once did her voice strain, not a note was out. A particularly avid fan next to me commented ‘She is actually so amazing, I’m freaking out a bit right now’  I think he also may be in the running for ‘Fan of the year’ She also treated us to some new material, and yet another confession, I can’t remember the name of the track. I was too busy being entranced by her use of an instrument I can only describe as a mini handheld harpsichord, [do excuse my ignorance] and her other worldly vocal range!

It was when the favourite ‘This Ain’t No Hymn’ was announced that the walls of the church reverbed with cheers, and the evening moved up a notch. I know I have said this before, but for an artist who could not get signed come hell or high water nine months ago, Ms Jones sure has the making of a success story. Pledge Music and her fans allowed her to release her debut album ‘Union’ and this does set a new precedent for artists, and an exciting one at that. Are the days of record labels numbered? No, of course not, but it does open a brand new door. To make Kate Bush comparisons is too easy, and indeed perhaps lazy, but there is something ethereal about Saint Saviour’s performance. Yes, there were images being projected at the back of the altar, yes there were lights and effects, and yes, she stood at the front and danced her way passionately through each song [again I will reiterate, not a note was off] but did this detract from the music? No. It seemed perfect for the setting and for the evening. She left the stage too swiftly, but after thunderous applause, she returned for the emotional version of ‘Reasons’. Apparently the night before she had done a drum and base version ‘which nobody liked’. Personally I would have loved to have heard a more energetic twist on this beautiful song, and I have a feeling the crowd probably would have liked it too. This is one of the many nuances’ Saint Saviour has, the ability to take a song, change it slightly, and leave you guessing at what may be coming next. Her voice is faultless, her musical ability superior, and her performance impassioned. It was to be honest, one of my top gigs this year. A perfect setting for a unique and talented artist.

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