Greg Boring - Heavy Syrup (Critter 22)

Greg Boring – Heavy Syrup (Critter 22)

Just typing the title of this shambolic experiment in somniferous contempt alone has already taken up far too much of my time. And that sentence wasted even more.

Either a poorly conceived marketing ploy or worse the true moronic improvised noodling’s of some hallucinatory induced late night misadventure, the shapeless meanderings of echo, reverb and melting insipid female vocals promise nothing.

There’s experimental music, and then there’s EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC! This, thankfully short album from the, instantly forgettable, ensemble is neither. Featuring an indolent series of muffled, hazy stabs at something tangible, the fatuous Greg Boring adoption says all you need to know, and is driven home by the Brisbane group’s own disinterest in the footnotes: ‘we have no recollection of recording this…’

It prompts the question, “Why should we bother, if they haven’t?”

I mean who needs a less interesting, cut price, Moon Duo or James Pants? But hey…at least the bands ‘Primitive Lotion’ offers the strangest ‘sado-motorik’, Casio disco moment of 2013, so it can’t be a complete waste of effort…can it?

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