#The Laughing Gnome: David Bowie Takes A Drag 2

#The Laughing Gnome: David Bowie Takes A Drag

Everyday an awkward posed, ill-at-ease encounter, double-take and humorous moment from the world of Bowie.

The Laughing Gnome #1 : ‘Less Marlboro Man, more Gitanes flâneur’

Laughing Gnome #1: David Bowie smoking


Laughing Gnome Daily Post #1:David Bowie Smoking

Not that GIITTV endorses or encourages our readers to take up the habit, but you got to admit…smoking is grown-up and is cool!

Devoted to posting a daily round of smoking related Bowie images, The ‘David Bowie Smoking’ instagram account finds the most decadent and unguarded ‘ciggie stardust’ moments, so you don’t have to.

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